2013 Fender Select Guitars Announced

strathss-thumbWith Winter NAMM being right around the corner in Anaheim (Jan 24-27) the plethora of new guitar introductions is already beginning. Today we learned of a new set of Select Series instruments from our friends at Fender. In case you don’t remember, the “Select Series” is Fender’s answer to the “ten-top” guitar bodies made famous by PRS and others. In honesty though, if you ever get a chance to play one of these beauties you’ll see that it’s more than just a gorgeous hunk o’wood that makes these… well, select.

For 2013 there is only one new Select Stratocaster, but it’s a beauty. The 2013 edition of the Fender Select Stratocaster® HSS improves upon its 2012 predecessor with several new features. Among these is a channel-bound rosewood fingerboard, a flame maple-top with traditional contours, a Tobacco Sunburst finish with a gloss lacquer topcoat, neck with hand-rubbed oil finish, and a comfortable contoured heel. MSRP for the model is a cool $2,999.99.

2013 Select Stratocaster HSS

Other non-Stratocaster models that are new for 2013 include: Fender Select Telecaster® HH, Fender Select Carved Top Telecaster SH, Fender Select Telecaster Thinline, Fender Select Telecaster Thinline with Gold Hardware, Fender Select Carved Maple Top Jazzmaster®, and a Fender Select Active Jazz Bass® in the lineup as well.

We’ll provide more info when we see these in person at NAMM in a few weeks.

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9 Responses to “2013 Fender Select Guitars Announced”
  1. Woodfloor says:

    Just ordered the SSS Select Strat.
    This is my 1st guitar purchase and I will be beginning to learn with it at 53 years old.
    My wife thinks it is a midlife crisis.
    I am looking forward to delivery.

  2. Percy says:

    Wow….WoodFloor….the selects are nice but are they a little over priced…i bought an american standard and my wife thought i was nuts lol tc percy

  3. scott trez scott trez says:

    wow i just played this same one at guitar center about 2 hours ago! it is hands down the nicest block wood i have ever touched. big baseball bat neck, smooth as a babys butt, and the inlayed rosewood fretboard is just unreal!!! i have a good mind to go to the pawn shop with the wife’s engagement ring to fund it. (yea its that nice!!!)

  4. OzStrat says:

    I bought a QMT-HSS Strat deluxe from a mid-life crisis dude. He wanted to play like EC but realized after the first day that wasn’t going to happen. It spent the next 2 years under his sofa until I bought it for half price.
    Best Strat I’ve ever played. The ebony neck is to die for, though the Select’s channel bound necks sound very interesting.

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