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  1. circles
    circles simoncroft
    So yea sorry that was intended jovially. You guys did a great job. I thought you knew the edit ran long, I was comment on that.
  2. 1962CARNOS
  3. Killersongz
    I’m so sick of people thinking they can just waltz into my room when I’m listening to music in 4/4.
  4. 1962CARNOS
    Fender Custom Shop 1962 NOS Stratocaster Candy Apple Red.
  5. guitartwonk
    "I believe in this, and it's been proven by research: he who f***s nuns will later join the Church." - The Clash
  6. brad89j
    brad89j Scott Walker
    Scott, I would love to chat with you regarding your red/gold stratocaster. I'd love to make you a cash offer. You can reach me at 314-603-7812 or email
  7. LWolfSound
  8. LWolfSound
  9. LWolfSound
  10. Dougeryb
    My official personal flag!
  11. syncopa
    I'm in the midst of a trauma, leave a message I'll call you back...
  12. Serf Ryder
    Serf Ryder
    On standby.
  13. pulteney
    pulteney Raiders757
    Hello there,

    Have you found a way to tame your amp? I've got a Mesa F-50 (parallel FX loop) and I was about to buy a Little Black Amp Box before reading your post and finding out it would not work. It's a shame because I love how small and straight-to-the-point the LBAB is.

    Is there a similar product on the market? I'm not the craftiest guy in the world so to speak.


    Best wishes,

    Martino - Brookline, MA
    1. Raiders757
      Hate to say it, but there is no taming an amp with a parallel effects loop other than turning the volume down. The LBAB works great with my DSL40, as well as my 3315. Sadly not as well with my Haze 40. It's truly a bummer. Wish I had better news for you, but thus far, I have found nothing. Due to this, I'll never buy another amp with a parallel effects loop.
      Jun 13, 2018
  14. StratKhan
    If Rock n' Roll is the Devil's music, then I travel the Highway to Hell.
  15. lcaruso25
    Looking for a good and cheap strat
  16. smithstrato
    Driftn like a ship out on the sea.
  17. ToneMan Guitar
    ToneMan Guitar
    Working hard to bring you the best tone upgrades!
  18. phg_004
    phg_004 Bera
    Viu o último post do cara lá do seu thread? Existe sim a guitarra. Chato foi só que vc pegou a informação de um bobalhão lá e colocou no meu anuncio que ela não existia, tirando minha credibilidade. Tome cuidado com essas coisas - a guitarra ser um preço baixo, médio ou alto não justifica prejudicar ninguém num mercado que é movido a confiança. Abs
  19. Malmalibu
    To buy another guitar or not to buy another guitar that is the question
  20. Laksa
    Dad ( RIP) keep playing your quad