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capt_goodvibes, May 12, 2010
    • aritoner
      ok im slow what do the electronics do?
    • capt_goodvibes
      Fender Clapton PRE-AMP KIT MID BOOST 25 DB

      How it works:
      There are countless combinations of tone you can get with this little baby but basically, the 50k volume control still controls the overall volume, while the gain control when left on zero still add a beautiful top end sparkle and spankin' shine to your tone because the circuit is always active. As you gradually turn up the gain it gets more violin like sustain and fatness and becomes more like a humbucker. It retains the same volume level which is great because you can be playing a clean rhythm and then just turn up the gain some to do a singing solo and then back it right down to clean again without blasting people's ears out on the solo. The thing about gain though is as gain is increased, more compression happens so if you really crank up the gain, it actually sounds less loud because of the compression but it probably isn't. I usually only notice it as I turn the gain from 2 to around 4 and in those spots I just increase the master volume a tad. I'm no expert on compression except to know that the more compressed you get the muddier it sounds. So I like to leave it just around 0-2 for some nice clear yet blooming blues tone then crank the gain up to 10 for soloing. When the gain is turned all the way up, it can really sing with beautiful sustain and no tone coloration, at least to my ears. Think of the lead solo on "Sunshine of Your Love". The TBX pot is really cool too. It's like 2 tone pots stacked on top of each other. Set on 1-5 it acts just like any tone pot and controls the tone of all 3 pickups which is great since most Strat wiring only controls the neck and middle, leaving the bridge wide open at ear piercing level. So now you can roll that off. Also it gets a really sweet tone set at the detent at 5 and then when you click it past 5 you start going into the Buddy Guy/Clapton Stevie Ray quack zone! (with standard wiring-other modded wiring of TBX control below). It just sounds fantastic. What separates this circuit from a regular Boost pedal is the fact that it's on board with total control over gain, fatness and level and it just seems to have a lot more presence than for example the Fulltone Fat Boost or OCD though I still use those in combination to really slam the amp's front end for the really big blues and lead tones since my amp doesn't have it's own preamp stage.
    • aritoner
      got it thank you for taking the time to explain this to me...i appreciate it...i think its really kool the wiring looks crazy. congrats on having that in your guitar..
    • totnesdave
      That's a real neat way of incorporating that into a regular Strat, well done ! I'm lucky in that my Buddy Guy has it onboard already same as the EC, and can attest to the versatility of this circuit, roll up that gain, and that deep singing 'whooh' Clapton tone and heavy 'thud' down low on the bass is right there, especially with the natural sustain of the lace sensors, it's not everyone's cup of tea perhaps but I love it, makes for a very versatile guitar :)
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    May 12, 2010
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