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Bue strat 177 x

Bue strat 177 x
Sonny, Jan 17, 2011
    • Malikon
      man that natural looks really sweet. I've been gassing for a 70's (ish) looking one like that lately.
    • Sonny
      Thanks Mal - it looks even better in "real life"

      It's a 73 strat, with a very slim neck - I'm not really sure what profile, but I'm gonna find out (I don't think it's a U)
      Soon I'm gonna create a gallery for that beautiful lady - I'll give you a call when it's done (we all wanna share our babies)
      Btw it's the one I turned into a "Ratocaster" when I tried to clean it with spirits :)

      Thanks again Mal
    • sevycat
      It's a shame the owner is never home to play any of them. Jet set lifestyle and all, perhaps we should just raffle them off to a good home!
    • macnik
      Hi Sonny
      Sorry not to have replied sooner. I always make a point of replying to forum members, but personal probs have kept me away. Looks like a nice set you have there, and I bet the '73 sounds sweet. I guess that's a '57 reissue like mine in the centre, if so how do you get on with such a long tremolo arm.

      Thanks for your comment on mine... appreciate it.
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