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    1. DOQ1
      Hello, CeltRocka -- I found your name while searching for custom trem block info, and wondering if you can help. I need a new block for an early-70's MIJ Strat clone (Electra 2275). It's a thicker, Fender-style block, but the dimensions are not Fender spec -- 50mm spread, approx. 35mm tall. Arm width is unknown, but I would want a standard thread size. Is this something you could provide? If so, what would you need and what would be the cost? (I am in the US.) Thanks for any info.
    2. fromanoc
      my email is fromanoc (AT) gmail (DOT) com Thanks !
    3. fromanoc
      Hi Kev,

      I would like a steel trem block for my strat if possible. It is a 2006 classic players 60s. Although it is an 06 it came with the PW-29 zinc block. From some research I did it has a 2 1/16 " string spacing. The tremolo arm is metric, and the slot is angled, but I don't care about an angled slot, just something that fits my stock tremolo arm. I live in the US and my zip code is 02139 and I can paypal you. Thanks
    4. TerryB44
      Ah! not as far away as I thought! Have replied to your Paypal invoice - payment made.
    5. TerryB44
      Hi Kev, That's great. I'm in Merseyside and my email is shadows44 (AT) gmail (DOT) com. I do have a Paypal account as well. I guess from your non-de-plume you are a bit further north than me!
    6. TerryB44
      Thanks for getting back to me Kev. It's definitely post 2006 - I only got it a couple of years ago. It's the Classic 50's model with 56mm string spacing. How do we arrange payment?
    7. TerryB44
      I would like a steel block for my MIM strat. Can you tell me what info you need to make one with the correct spec.
    8. Just like Ivan
      Just like Ivan
      Hi Kev, thanks for your reply. If the arm fits your full sized block, I guess there's no need replacing it. Unless I'm missing something ? So yes, please, an Paypal invoice for £25 + £4.75. Email is ivan (DOT) marien (AT) gmail (DOT) com . Thanks.
    9. Just like Ivan
      Just like Ivan
      Hi there CeltRocka, do you still make tremolo blocks for stratocasters? I have a Squier CV. Do you have a block that fits the tremolo bridge and gap? Would you me to take the measurements? I am in Belgium, could you tell me the price + postage please? Thanks in advance, Ivan
    10. Tibbert
      Hey, celtrocka! I Was wondering if you were still making those steel trem blocks ? I have a MIM. strat serial:mz176238...With stock bridge/trem... ] ..... Thanks....Tibbert.
    11. FuzzFace

      Do you make brass blocks as well?
    12. KhizarT
      Hey, I am in London, UK. would go with the standard delivery.
    13. KhizarT
      Hi Kev, i dunno why for some reason, my message did not get posted and I realized it just now. I deff want to get the block, so if you can send me the invoice at khizartahseen AT hotmail DOT com that wud great.
    14. KhizarT
      Hey Celtrocka,
      I want to buy the full sized steel block for my squier classic vibe 50s strat, so if you can guide me with the process. I understand that that it is direct fit and the existing tremolo arm will fit.
    15. newidentity
      Thanks, workaround for the trem arm sounds good. Postage is to Glasgow, will PM you my hotmail address so you can let me know total quote and paypal details. Much obliged.
    16. newidentity
      Hey Celtrocka,
      I'm interested in buying a steel block that would fit a fender american deluxe / ultra tremolo assay (part no.0077092000 or 0036449000)

      I'm installing one in place of the floyd rose / fender DLX locking bridge currently on my strat plus deluxe (part no.1996510100)

      (Tried to post pics, won't let me... you can search them on for pics)

      Do you do blocks suitable for the first one mentioned? Was planning on keeping the old pop in trem arm that fitted the floyd rose, would this still work with yours? No big deal if not. I like the idea of it having a snug fit with less swing (it just hangs free and swings on the floyd), so any options to address that would be good.
    17. spedge man
      spedge man
      Hey just paid for a block for a cp60 strat. Hope to hear from you soon.
    18. geetar

      im interested in buying one of your blocks. do you make bridge plates/ trem claws as well? im looking for an entire bridge set up, minus the saddles. its 6 hole vintage style. could you give me a quote on your prices as well as shipping costs to ireland?


    19. kalamari

      I understand that you make tremolo blocks for Squier Classic Vibe 50s strat that will fit with no alteration of mods and use existing trem bar.

      I am interested to know if you sell to the US. I live in Manhattan Illinois.

      If so, could you provide me with the proper information to purchase?

      Thanks for your Time
      Kurt Ciabattari
    20. carson
      One other thing do I need a new temelo arm for your block?

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