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Feb 21, 1976 (Age: 43)
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Squier Freak, Male, 43, from Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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    1. huck
    2. Teleboy
      Hi Boss,

      I just need an expert advise in MIJ telecaster 72. Mine got stamp at the neck MIJ serial number start in N. It says 1993-1994 in fujigen plant. All electronics is stock and the body has been repainted. May I know if the pups and electronics are made in japan or usa? And to check if this is made of ash or basswood? Base in your tele pics. It's either sen or basswood.

      Thanks and more power
    3. vandertilova
      Hi Ryan~
      New here, and found multiple posts of yours while trying to correctly ID a mid-90s MIJ (beyond just dating with the serial#). Wondering if you could be of any help to a relative newbie to the Strat world?
    4. spidercat
      Hi Ryan
      I'm in the market for a cheap Strat. I want a guitar to practice/fool around on that I can keep sitting around the house and not have to get out of a case. Also I want to avoid unnecessary fret wear on my other guitars and save them for recording and gigging. I just want something that basically feels like a Strat should so it doest feel strange when I go to my "good" Strats. Anyway, I was looking in the local pawn shops yesterday, and I checked out a Bullet for the first time. This brings us to my question... Is the Bullet Strat supposed to be so lightweight? I know they are supposed to have thinner bodies like the Affinity, but is it supposed to feel like a toy made balsa wood?
    5. mcmacguy
      Hi Ryan. I was re-reading thru a thread we both contributed to here ("When were RWRP middle pickup introduced?") - for some reason the site won't let me send you the link.

      The reason I'm writing: I'm putting together a strat from mostly '82 parts. I'm going to keep the X1 bridge pickup and was going to put in a Seymour Duncan SSL in the neck and some kind of RWRP pickup in the middle for noise cancellation. But after reading your post, I'm a little baffled: should I put the Duncan in the MIDDLE (since it is apparently reversed wound from Fenders) and um, what type of pickup in the neck spot?

      Confused - Hope to hear from you,

    6. sam_in_cali
      Thanks for the e-book..very cool read!
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    Feb 21, 1976 (Age: 43)
    Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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