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Twang Banger
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May 26, 2019 at 8:35 AM
May 15, 2011
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Jacksonville, FL

Twang Banger

Blues and Country pick'n, Male, from Jacksonville, FL

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[On Tapatalk]Engaged in conversation, May 26, 2019 at 8:35 AM
    1. Rogue Bohemian
      Rogue Bohemian
      I was born in Jacksonville. Haven't been there since 1970.
    2. Twang Banger
      Twang Banger
      Wow, I never saw this message ... sorry I did not respond. The finish was an accident. I went to strip it down and the polyurethane was a ***** to remove. THe body ended up scraped and scratched and gouged ... so, after the mutilation, I sanded it A LOT to smooth out the damage. Then I applied a dark stain from Wudtone (google them) and this is what I ended up with!
    3. shrews824
      Hey Brian. How's it going? I just wanted to say that I love that Strat that you have as your profile pic. What kind of finish is that? I love all of those natural/walnut/unfinished looking guitars.

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    Jacksonville, FL
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    VOXAC15CC1; VOX AC15C1-TV; Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb '68; Fender Blues Deville 2x12.

    '15 Longboard Strat
    '12 Eric Johnson Strat
    '12 MIM Classic 50s Strat
    '11 Am. Deluxe Strat
    '06 Am. Deluxe Strat
    '03 Am. Std. Strat
    Mixed date Partscaster
    A few Telecasters and Gibsons
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