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American Pro vs elite jazz bass

Discussion in 'Ace's BASS Place' started by bluesman1956, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. bluesman1956

    bluesman1956 Strat-O-Master

    Dec 3, 2012
    Upstate NY
    I’m a guitar player but want to get my son a American Jazz Bass. Like input on my options.

  2. jwj1701

    jwj1701 Strat-Talk Member

    Sep 4, 2012
    lexington ky
    I want to say I prefer passive over active. But I have a 2013 select active and a highway 1, of course passive. The select and elite are similar but not the same because the select pick ups are not noiseless. They’re wired the same but I’m not a fan of the noiseless Bass pickups. I’ve played both in the store and like the professional sound much better than the elite. You could save a few bucks and grab an American standard while there still around. I loved the custom shop pups in those. There’s a couple of cents for you...