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Duncan single question

Discussion in 'Pickup Forum' started by afireinside, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. afireinside

    afireinside Strat-Talk Member

    Mar 2, 2013
    I have a bit of a partscaster. A squier CV 50s neck, AVRI burst 50s body and Wilkinson bridge, CTS pots and USA 1ply PG.

    Had a old 1M 1980s Duncan SSL1 i put into the neck, a CV 50s middle in the middle and a old unknown Custom shop fender in the bridge.

    Now the bridge is thin and too glassy just dosent do anything for me. Mid is ok nothing great but not bad. The neck is what I feel a strat pup should sound like its perfect!

    So I was thinking buy a SSL5 for the bridge and another older SSL1 for mid.

    Or should I try and move the CS to the Mid with a SSL5 Bridge?

    I dont know resistance specs.......
  2. Seymour Duncan

    Seymour Duncan Senior Stratmaster

    Well, I am really biased here, but an SSL-1, SSL-1, SSL-5 set is wonderful.