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Fly Rig vs. pedals

Discussion in 'The Effect effect' started by tundrawalker00, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. tundrawalker00

    tundrawalker00 Strat-Talk Member

    Nov 6, 2017
    Ludington, MI

    I'm shopping these right now. For what I play most, I need a distortion and a delay.

    Wondering if I should take advantage of the Black Friday sales and grab just a DS-1 and some on-sale delay or hold off and get the Fly Rig Brit.

    Not a stage player yet, just want to get some parts sounding right for myself.

    Thanks for input.

  2. papergoblin

    papergoblin Strat-Talker

    Sep 21, 2017
    I like separate pedals, one dies, just replace that one or if tastes change, change that one. The fly rig is cool but for the cash, I'd buy say a stomplab IIG. It can do just a pedal or model like a pocket pod but has a expression pedal (small one though).

    It's $90 or less and you can play with effects, decide on what you want and like, then go for the pedals themselves. It can also be ran alone with headphones on batteries, so it can always be used as a quiet travel/practice amp.

    It's not a perfect solution but I'd spend the extra (20-30) on it over a new DS-1, as it can sound the same and more. In the end though, you have to spend the money and live with it, so it's what you want and like that matters.
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  3. little_wing142

    little_wing142 Senior Stratmaster

    Jan 24, 2010
    Piscataway, NJ
    This is mine right into the PA. It's the RK fly rig


  4. dogletnoir

    dogletnoir Most Honored Senior Member

    Nov 1, 2013
    northeastern usa
    RK5 FlyRig into Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface into Garageband DAW:

    i a/b'd the RK5 with the Plexi, and for what i'm doing i liked the OMG overdrive better than the Plexi,
    but both of them sounded quite good to me.
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