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Gilmour's Strat 0001

Discussion in 'Pre-CBS Strats (before 1966)' started by Fretmeltkid, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. T Guitar Floyd

    T Guitar Floyd Senior Stratmaster

    Oct 27, 2014
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  2. Wayne D.

    Wayne D. Senior Stratmaster

    Nov 28, 2009
    Pittsburgh, Pa.
    I lost all the pics I had saved of Dave's strat. Is there a pic of the Mary tape 9-28-54 and of the TG on the neck heel? If we have prototypes and mules made, and 108 strats with a trem serial number (0100-0207), then the metal plates being used, then in theory Dave's could only be about the 115th strat or higher ever made at best. So it really loses some of its flavor of being important there, other than being his.
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  3. Nadnitram

    Nadnitram Senior Stratmaster

    Jul 18, 2017
    The Heartland
    You guys do realize that the 0001 Strat is Chinese, right? I'm not asking you to believe me -- just trust the facts:

    ...Dave joined Pink Floyd during 1968.

    ...NASA faked the mood landing in 1969.

    ...And how many years difference is that? 0001!

    ...The Yangjiang earthquake happened in China in 1969. How many quakes has this area had in the entire historical record? 0001!
    ...The supposed Apollo 11 moon landing would have taken place in the "Sea of Tranquility." What does that sea NOT have? WATER!

    ...Starting in 1985, what did Pink Floyd NOT have? Roger WATERS!

    ...On the subsequent Momentary Lapse of Reason tour, even though PF toured North America, Europe, Australia/NZ, and Japan, where did they NOT tour? China!

    ...How many members were they missing on that tour? 0001!
    ...Most important, the Chinese space program claims to have recently landed where? On The Dark Side of the Moon.

    ...And in 1972-73, Pink Floyd recorded the album The Dark Side of the Moon. How many years did that take? 0001!

    I mean, all the clues are pointing in one direction.
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  4. fezz parka

    fezz parka Do you Reach? Strat-Talk Supporter

    Apr 21, 2011
    Right behind you...
  5. Cerb

    Cerb Most Honored Senior Member

    Jan 22, 2016
    Those facts are indisputable!

    Skickat från min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
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  6. Fretmeltkid

    Fretmeltkid Strat-Talker

    Feb 10, 2018
    United Kingdom
    Yep I'm buying that one

    just goes to show if you speak to enough experts you can confirm any opinion
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  7. stratman323

    stratman323 Dr. Stratster Strat-Talk Supporter

    Apr 21, 2010
    London, UK
    I thought that this thread had already done that?
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  8. Wayne D.

    Wayne D. Senior Stratmaster

    Nov 28, 2009
    Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Then why say anything about anything?:confused:
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  9. carver

    carver The East Coast Strangler Strat-Talk Supporter

    hahaha jesus...

    You know that guitar that someone plays? well. I dont think its what they claim



    great thread.
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