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Gold fixed bridge

Discussion in 'DIY Strat Forum' started by That635Guy, Dec 7, 2017 at 7:25 PM.

  1. That635Guy

    That635Guy Strat-Talk Member

    Oct 26, 2017
    Delaware Ohio
    I’ve been looking, and I cannot find a fixed gold bridge for under 50$. The Gotoh bridge seems high quality, but is above my price range. Does anyone know other fixed bridges that are cheaper than 50$? I appreciate every answer, as this gets me one step closer to completing my dream strat.

  2. CigBurn

    CigBurn Most Honored Senior Member Strat-Talk Supporter

    Jun 22, 2014
    The Shed
    A couple for you to think on..



    I bought one of these, but didn't care for the actual saddles and replaced them with fender bent saddles so, probably would have been better off with the gotoh in the first place.



    This one I also had which I must say is a quite comfortable bridge but as with most gold stuff the plating can rub through where your palm heel rests most often.

    Hope that helps you in your decision process.

  3. dueducs

    dueducs Senior Stratmaster

    I have the same on my '59 Tribute. I also replaced the saddles with "Pat Pend" versions and the black hardware with gold stuff... my total was more than $50 however.

  4. s5tuart

    s5tuart ...... Strat-Talk Supporter

    Aug 8, 2011
    Bedford, UK
    I don't have time to search for you but maybe Wilkinson do them?