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Is a 62 with a refin, new pots and refret worth it?

Discussion in 'Pre-CBS Strats (before 1966)' started by nigelr, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Yellowdawg

    Yellowdawg Strat-Talker

    Jun 29, 2016
    Puyallup, Washington

    Couldn't of said it better, Sir Simon.

    OP, you have the answers here. Wait or go CS, save money and get your set up.
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  2. Major Gruber

    Major Gruber Strat-Talker

    Sep 26, 2015
    Colombes, France
    Cs seems a sensible choice. But only seems, because it's somehow crazy. Initially, cs was created for people that dreamed of vintage but couldn't afford it. And now they have this weird pricing strategy, playing the frog who aspires to be as expensive as an ox.
    When I had 8 or 10k to spend on a strat (not often), I've never ever thought of cs for a second, there's so many great player grade guitars in that range of price! (not even talking of having the money for a masterbuilt limited edition at 30K!! the price for great full original even from the 50's… hello?).

    For me old wood is the main thing, when it's good it's each time unique (mojo?). But of course they're not all good, you have to try them to meet the right one. There's many 63, 64 all original except finish to try for that price and in European continent, they're never 1000 miles away! Not speaking of 100% original 68, 69, 70, they can be fantastic too (ask jimi), but that's a different character, changing starting from 65, it's a matter of taste and choice. And not even talking of early 70's, there's some unexpected full original treasures for less that the budget we talk about.

    I don't discuss the fact cs builds very good instruments and that a good cs is better that a bad vintage, but I think before all that the best thing with cs is their marketing strategy, and nothing replaces the real thing when it's worth it. Just my call.
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  3. echoes71

    echoes71 Senior Stratmaster

    Jul 15, 2013
    Not sure where you get your prices from, but a Teambuilt CS is around 3k and a MB is 4-5k depending on the builder.

  4. Major Gruber

    Major Gruber Strat-Talker

    Sep 26, 2015
    Colombes, France
    Sure, this range of price is right and with that budget there's no really choice between modern and vintage. But by curiosity, just get on ebay and set the list starting from highest first and while going down, you'll see very quickly many cs guitars among vintage ones, and it starts way before 10k.
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  5. echoes71

    echoes71 Senior Stratmaster

    Jul 15, 2013
    I know there are some, and Ebay is a bit higher than if you say talk to a Fender dealer etc.. but they don't really start falling into each other until you get to the 70's strats, more like after 72.

  6. inra311

    inra311 Strat-Talker

    Oct 12, 2008
    Apart that we are talking about a fingerboard wood that is no longer available. And from my experience that old growth 62 rio braz does make a difference.
    The price is high but I doubt you will get it cheaper if you wait a few years and then decide to get an old one...
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  7. Billyrocks68

    Billyrocks68 Strat-Talk Member

    Oct 31, 2014
    South Vienna Ohio
    I’ve got one you might be interested in. ‘62 AVRI in excellent condition, sunburst. Early serial number 1982. Looks to be all original and plays awesome for $2000.

  8. Fuzzpop

    Fuzzpop Ryan-Ola Silver Member

    Aug 14, 2012
    Washington, D.C.
    Edit: Whoops! Didn't realize how old this thread was. Sorry!

    This. A $10k workhorse is quite a lot. Though, I guess that all depends on your financial situation. But if you're looking for a guitar to take on tour and bash around on stage then definitely go CS. While vintage guitar were certainly made to be played, unless you're a touring pro or a session guy I can't see taking out a $10k Strat all the time. But hey, that's just one dude's opinion.