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Line 6 pod hd500x

Discussion in 'Amp Input - Normal or Bright' started by Antman, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Antman

    Antman Strat-Talker

    Dec 29, 2013

    I've been looking at maybe getting a line 6 pod hd500x but wondered if anyone here had any experience on one?. I already use a digitech rp500 but am just wanting a change...updated unit etc. I mainly play at home with headphones straight into the rp500 unit but may buy a blackstar fly3 or beam?

    Any thoughts welcome as usual
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  2. Rogue Bohemian

    Rogue Bohemian what? WHAT????? Strat-Talk Supporter

    Jun 4, 2010
    Bacliff by Galveston bay
    The HD500s are nice gear. You can get just about any sound you want. You have to be willing to do some serious tweaking, though.

    They require you to tweak at the volumes that you'll use the patch. Bedroom patches won't work onstage and onstage patches won't work for bedroom.

    Read the manual!;)
  3. blasphemoustrat

    blasphemoustrat Most Honored Senior Member

    Jan 9, 2011
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  4. David Garner

    David Garner Senior Stratmaster

    I haven't played one yet, but I intend to get one. I have a POD 2.0 that works well for late night practice. I figure with an HD500 I could actually use it as a backup at gigs in a pinch.
  5. Antman

    Antman Strat-Talker

    Dec 29, 2013
    I don't mind a bit of tweeking. My rp500 requires some time. I just want to get a feel for the hd500x and Whether it's worth replacing g my rp500. ...which still sounds great btw. I play at home so mostly use headphones but am looking to get the blackstar fly 3 to use as a low volume home amp with it.
  6. bloomz

    bloomz Senior Stratmaster Strat-Talk Supporter

    Sep 17, 2012
    yer mom's house
    MY Pod XT Live (old one) died a few weeks ago. I have some nice pedals - but I lost the desire to play, until I got another one on ebay last week.

    They're sex in a box. Here's a review I wrote on it

  7. blasphemoustrat

    blasphemoustrat Most Honored Senior Member

    Jan 9, 2011
    I also play through my headphones, or straight into a recorder as well. The biggest selling point for me was the ability to use dual amp can get some great huge tones mixing and matching different amps and sounds...Im sure I barely scratch the surface of what you can do with one. My YouTube channel has the same username as here (blasphemoustrat) and pretty much everything there since last October or so is using the 500x...
  8. wildhawk

    wildhawk Most Honored Senior Member

    Feb 12, 2014
    I see POD's going for well under $100 used.

    Thinking of one as a no amp home practice tool. Not familiar with the different POD versions. Is the 2.0 the sweet spot to shoot for vs. others that would be higher priced?
  9. stratyourstuff

    stratyourstuff Strat-Talk Member

    Apr 22, 2011
    I have the original 500 and get some great sounds from it.
    I'm using a patch here that's great through the headphones or into the front of the amp as shown here.
  10. DaddyRabbit

    DaddyRabbit Strat-Talker

    Mar 3, 2014
    I have the 500x and like it but it is a bit of a learning curve. I play mine when just practicing or playing around at home thru a very old set of Klipsch 2.1 computer speakers and it sounds great. I get plenty of bottom end and all of the "at home" volume I need plus full stereo, sounds weird but works for me.
  11. fumbler

    fumbler PhD-Stratology

    Oct 22, 2009
    New Joisey!
    Another hd500 owner (not the newer x version). Highly recommended but it does have a substantial learning curve.

    The only difference between the 500 and the 500x is that the x version has the newer stomp buttons and more processing power. If you run a LOT of heavy-cpu effects simultaneously (pitch-shifting, complex reverbs), or you want to get heavily into running two amp models at once, then consider the x. Otherwise, you'll find second-hand 500 units all day long on eBay and c-list. All the models are identical so the units sound exactly the same.

    Heck, I should pick up another 500 as a back up!
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  12. rolandson

    rolandson Most Honored Senior Member

    So, after a few years, what do you all think of this thing now?

    I ask because, while the Vox Tonelab was suitable for a noisy club environment surrounded by people involved in peculiar mating rituals, it is a piece of junk in any other.

    So I've started looking. I'm not certain whether it will be a rack or floor item, preference is rack but...occasionally it will be taken to other locations to plug into whatever backline is available, so maybe floor is the wiser choice.

    I've ruled out the Kemper Profiler simply because it is 3x+ the price, and while probably a wonderful item, it's also probably overkill.
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  13. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most Honored Senior Member Strat-Talk Supporter

    Jul 28, 2011
    Pawnee, Indiana
    I bought mine new and sold it within a few months. I didn’t find anything particularly nice sounding or user-friendly about it.
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  14. rolandson

    rolandson Most Honored Senior Member

    If i might pester you a bit...:)

    Was there any one thing in particular that stands out in your memory as being prime in that regard?

    I've no intention of using it to perform "live" but it's entirely possible that recording might be a part of its, or whatever I gel with, repertoire.

    Sound quality is probably most important to me. I spent a good deal of time dialing in the tonelab to emulate the characteristics of a pair of blackface amps at various levels of drive and was reasonably successful. Such is my plan for whatever follows.

    Your experience is quite valuable and i appreciate the insight it provided to you.
  15. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most Honored Senior Member Strat-Talk Supporter

    Jul 28, 2011
    Pawnee, Indiana
    No problem. It’s been quite a few years.. but I remember the menus being pretty complicated compared to others, and by the time I learned to wrangle them, to get to the point that it has the appropriate EQ, Gain, reverb, and amp model.. it just sounded plain and sterile. Not at all as it was made up to be, off of reviews. In the short time I used it, I primarily played through headphones or into recordings on the computer.

    But it was one of those things that disappointed me almost immediately. I could have judged it unfairly. But it’s not something I would pay to give another shot.

    My main multifx now is the now discontinued Fender mustang floor. Basically the guts of a fender mustang in pedal form. Easier to edit tones on the computer and pedal, and the fender supersonic model is about the only one I use for my single coil guitars.
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  16. rolandson

    rolandson Most Honored Senior Member

    Thank you... This is probably the most honest "review" about anything that I think I've encountered.
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  17. heltershelton

    heltershelton BANNED Strat-Talk Supporter

    Jun 5, 2013
    I love my 500x. yes, it was hard to learn how to use it, but once you figure it out you can get some sweet sounds out of it. ive found the best way to get good tones is to keep it simple.
    alot of people make patches thinking they have to use every single feature all the time, and it screws the sound up.
    I treat each patch I make just like I would treat the real thing.
    I pick an amp, set it how I like it, then add what I want, like reverb and overdrive. ive found that the best sounds for me have been simple without 13 eq's and a bunch of other crap.
    as far as learning how to use it, I downloaded several patches to my laptop then copied each aspect of the patch one at a time manually.
    now I can whip up a patch in no time.
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  18. Antman

    Antman Strat-Talker

    Dec 29, 2013
    I still have my 500x....although i also bought a Helix...which is a very different beast.

    I found the 500x to be very good and keep it as a back up. It's easier to create patches via the pc editor and although you may need to tweak tbe amps..pedals i had loads of nice sounding patches. The price is still good for these but is consider the helix lt if i were to buy now. You get all the 500x effects along with the new helix stuff.
    I found the boss multi effects to be not as good sounding and the line6 support is great (not needed it yet)...had no issues and it's very robust.
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  19. rolandson

    rolandson Most Honored Senior Member

    @nickmsmith , @heltershelton , @Antman , and anyone else who drives one of these... Question:
    Rack or Floor version?

    Perhaps a little more information is warranted...
    My intention is that this, or whatever, will run straight into a PA. It's how I've been using the ToneLab.
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  20. BallisticSquid

    BallisticSquid Senior Stratmaster

    Oct 12, 2016
    My experience with modelers is that they do best when going straight into a PA or audio interface. Even though there are options you can set when putting it in front of a guitar amp, I always found it to sound bad. Even when the amp would be set clean and flat, the sound would be harsh. If you have an effect loop you can go straight into the return, but then you may as well just go straight into the PA.

    I have a Boss GT-100 and that's what I've been doing for gigs for years. I was going through some old videos yesterday and I actually prefer the sound of my GT-100 going through the PA over my Peavey ValveKing amp.
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