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Discussion in 'The Effect effect' started by fender_freak, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. fender_freak

    fender_freak Strat-Talker

    Dec 29, 2012
    La Crosse, WI
    Looking at a either the Boss RC3 or TC Ditto...any recommendations?

  2. SurfsUp

    SurfsUp Strat-O-Master

    May 18, 2016
    C-Town, Ontario
    I'm actually researching loopers myself. Great for practice! I've never had one and with the vids I've seen on youtube, I could really get some use outta them too.

    But, I want one with user friendly features as I'm no engineer lol.....

    I'm leaning on this one:

  3. fender_freak

    fender_freak Strat-Talker

    Dec 29, 2012
    La Crosse, WI

  4. playit

    playit Strat-O-Master

    Jul 14, 2014
    I own a "Fame" looper pedal I sometimes use to learn playing leads over complicated chord structures.
    It has a record time of ten (!)minutes - once you learned how to bump in and out while staying in time it is fun.
    The pedal is a one-switcher and one-knobber for volume of loop.
    It stores the last recorded playing but allows to store something via USB.
    I like it and it was 45 euro from the "Music store" cologne, germany
    If you want to work with it for rehearsal or something like gigs you should take the two-switcher pedal for better handling and for storing more loops.

  5. Tomas83

    Tomas83 Strat-O-Master

    Jul 30, 2014
    NE in the 4 corners
    I’m about to buy a looper myself and I’m not 100% decided but I think I’ll get the regular TC Ditto...

  6. Hippieway

    Hippieway Strat-Talker

    Mar 16, 2009
    Having never even fooled around a looper, I picked up a Ditto for a good price, well under a hundred bucks. I like it but it still remains the only looper I've ever played so I can't compare. But it works well for my humble needs.

  7. garyhoos1

    garyhoos1 Huffing n Puffing. Silver Member

    Jan 28, 2012
    North Wales and Somerset.
    Had the TC Ditto for about two years not one for polishing and cleaning.

    It does what it says on the tin and in my case takes abuse.
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  8. Electgumbo

    Electgumbo Lost Planet Airman Strat-Talk Supporter

    Dec 26, 2010
    Scott La.
    I just use the little TC Ditto myself... not fancy but does what I need to practice with. I have a Boss RC-2 I never figured out how to make it work...
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  9. Hammer 4

    Hammer 4 Senior Stratmaster Strat-Talk Supporter

    Apr 26, 2013
    So. Calif.
    I have the regular Ditto looper. Haven't used in ages..Been thinking of selling it, works fine. Not sure if I have the box and paperwork, but I'd let it go for $55.00 plus shipping, from so cali. PM me if anyone is interested.

  10. dueducs

    dueducs Senior Stratmaster

    A cheaper alternative to the Ditto is the Kokko mini Looper... $35ish new from ebay. Works in the same manner (one tap on, one tap off, another tap to add a layer, tap to stop, so on and so forth). I've have mine for about 4 or 5 months now and see no problems with it. I also have an RC-1 which is larger and operates slightly differently (one tap on, one tap to layer or two taps to replay the first loop- I found slightly less intuitive to use).
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  11. ChaplainMike

    ChaplainMike Strat-Talker

    May 30, 2017
    I like my TC Electronics Ditto Looper. It's bare bones, no features but simple enough for me to play out of the box.
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  12. pwhite

    pwhite Strat-Talker

    May 24, 2015
    South Carolina
    I bought a RC3 about 3 months ago, this was the first looper I have ever owned. One problem I have with it and it maybe just the way I am using it. If you use a lot of gain it does not sound good, it will drown out the rythm part of the loop.What I would like to do since I have more than one amp would be to setup an A/B and have my loop on one amp and play with it on another amp. Like I said maybe I am just now using it right but that is my only complaint. It will keep a loop as long as you want it, but only until you want to make a new one.

  13. ryunker

    ryunker Senior Stratmaster

    Feb 18, 2014
    Crystal Lake, Il
    I purchased a new Boss RC3 late yesterday, over your $100 price point, but fit my needs and desires perfectly.

  14. Jinx_The_Lynx

    Jinx_The_Lynx Strat-Talker

    Aug 21, 2016
    West of West
    I have an RC-1, it's my first and only looper.

    I'm not fond of it automatically starting a second loop when you stop the first, but tapping the pedal twice isn't really that big of a deal once you get used to it. The led wheel is kinda nice although it seems a bit... gimmicky. I got mine used with a big discount at GC, if I were to buy a new one I would get the RC-2 or a Ditto.
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  15. dueducs

    dueducs Senior Stratmaster

    The automatic second lop was exactly what I didn't like about it, but as you pointed out, the LED count-down is kind of nice. The Kokko (and I believe the Ditto) flashes a single LED at the end of the loop.

  16. Vindibona1

    Vindibona1 Most Honored Senior Member Strat-Talk Supporter

    I know a lot of folks like the Ditto Looper and I originally bought one but I wasn't crazy about it. I can't explain why. I exchanged it for the RC-3 and like it better. Perhaps its because I had a couple Boss FS-6 pedals for my Roland Cube which makes the RC-3 a little more friendly for stops and erases. So of the two I'd be recommending the RC-3

  17. ResidentRen

    ResidentRen Strat-Talk Member

    Sep 7, 2016
    Montevideo, URUGUAY
    I use the regular small sized TC Ditto. As I don't play loops live (I'd be using a DAW for that) it's an excellent tool for practicing and studying, even for composing and arranging your own guitar parts.

    Here's something I did with my Ditto pedal. It's a Michael Jackson rhythm comping thing. Yes, I'm a big fan of the late great David Williams. :)


  18. Doghouse_Riley

    Doghouse_Riley Strat-Talker

    Mar 9, 2017
    I've had an RC-3 for about a year. It's one of the best music related purchases I've ever made. Great learning tool. Okay performance tool. It's over the $100 limit.

    A couple things to say about the RC-3:
    Get the FS-6 footswitch! This makes the RC-3 so much more versatile. No more double tapping. Switch loops without bending over.
    The RC-3 can hold up to 99 loops or 3 hours, indefinitely. You can also download loops to it via USB.

    Here's me a couple months ago doing a song with the RC-3 and FS-6:

  19. jvin248

    jvin248 Senior Stratmaster

    Jan 10, 2014

    +1 on the Kokko SOS FLP2 looper. Amazon/ebay $30-35


  20. RaySachs

    RaySachs Strat-O-Master Silver Member

    Jun 25, 2017
    Philly area
    I just recently got an RC3 as well. I was sort of hoping to be able to use the stereo aspect of it the way you're talking about - I have a little Micro-Cube gathering dust that I think would be a fine little loop/rhythm amp if I could send the looped portion to that and then play the lead parts on my other amp with a more overdriven sound. I can't figure out how to do it - not sure if it's possible. But at some point I'll probably just get a little A-B switch and run my guitar into that and have one side go to the looper and the Micro Cube and the other side go to my main amp. So I can record a loop or loops on the "A" side and let them play on the micro-cube and then switch to the "B" side to play the lead part through my main amp with more drive.

    About the only thing I play both lead and rhythm with much OD/distortion is Neil's "Cortez the Killer", where both the rhythm and lead are drenched in distortion. Even though it sort of overwhelms my little Vox modeling amp, it actually sort of works. Other than that, I have a sort of slightly overdriven Marshall setting that seems to work well on a looper for both rhythm and lead and then a real clean setting that works well for both as well.

    The biggest surprise I got with the RC3 after coming from a cheap little eBay Ditto clone was the need to double stomp to stop the loop without immediately starting an overdub. So I got a FS-5U to handle that but I'm thinking of adding another one (for a functional FS-6) for selecting recorded loops. Not sure about that though, because I usually have to bend down when I select a new loop anyway, to adjust either the volume or to turn the rhythm on or off or something, so I'm not sure the second half of that FS-6 is really gonna save me that much bending over...