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Mod Your Favorite, or Buy a New Strat???

Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by Shades of Blue, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Textele

    Textele Senior Stratmaster Strat-Talk Supporter

    Oct 10, 2009
    AVRI = American Vintage Reissue

    The 61 thin skin is a loose reproduction of a 1961 model. Thin Skin refers to the very thin coats of Nitrocellulose paint applied to the guitar to help produce excessive aging in a shorter amount of time, for guys who are into the old guitar look.
  2. Alan Crossley

    Alan Crossley Strat-O-Master

    Nov 20, 2018
    Republic of Ireland
    Thanks for your kind assistance Mr Textele. It was much appreciated regards Alan
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  3. slowesthand

    slowesthand Senior Stratmaster

    Oct 23, 2011
    Get another one. It will extend the fret life on the 61.
  4. Andrew Wasson

    Andrew Wasson Strat-O-Master

    Nov 6, 2018
    Vancouver, Canada
    Wow... i just had a peak at the switch saga thread. That’s pretty elaborate and the Squier looks awesome.

    I did a lot of switching mods on a Telecaster a few years ago but my Strat updates are much, much less complex. I’ve got an S-1 for my #1 Strat to switch series/parallel in #2 & #4 and I’ve got the mini push switch for my modding Strat to do the same. Other than that, it’s just the 50’s Gibson tone stack and a different choice of tone cap.
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  5. ido1957

    ido1957 Senior Stratmaster

    Oct 13, 2014
    My playing skills need more work than my guitars ever will.
    I changed nut and tuners on a couple but generally leave them stock.
    I find a good amp and the right pedals are pretty helpful for taming any anomalies.
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  6. Kayden33

    Kayden33 Strat-O-Master

    Apr 23, 2017
    Knoxville, TN
    Buy a second strat. If you mod what you have then you’ll loose what you once had that you enjoyed. That’s if you enjoyed what you have in the strat.

    I’ve modded a couple strats that I own but it was because they were good but I wanted great. It’s all about variety with owning guitars. One guitar will pull off something really well and another will pull off something well but they sometimes don’t do so well vice versa. Not saying they cannot but once you start to collect more guitars and you switch it up this will start to make more sense. Your ear will eventually catch it.

    I have 12 electrics and not one of them sound the same. A couple of them can do some things fairly well the same but they may not do other things so well the same. Having the ability to jump between different guitars for different tone and sound is where it is at. Plus tunings as well.

    It’s like having several pairs of shoes. One is great for running, one is great for hiking, one is great for working outside and so on. They do those jobs perfectly but not otherwise. It’s not to say you can’t dig a ditch with running shoes but it’s not gonna be the best method lol.
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  7. The Ballzz

    The Ballzz Senior Stratmaster

    Feb 26, 2014
    @Shades of Blue
    Our most famous and highly esteemed physicist says it all:


    Ya simply can't argue with the math!

    Just Mt $.02 & Likely Worth A Lot Less!
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  8. esseff

    esseff Strat-Talker

    Dec 19, 2017
    Haha, I buy new Fenders for the express purpose of modding them. I get obsessed with an idea for a new guitar then spend days/weeks searching for the perfect platform and parts to put it together.
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  9. Shades of Blue

    Shades of Blue Most Honored Senior Member

    Jan 28, 2008
    South Carolina
    Here is the ‘61. Fuzzy pic I think, but all I got right now

  10. Shades of Blue

    Shades of Blue Most Honored Senior Member

    Jan 28, 2008
    South Carolina
    No worries. My 61 Thin Skin is a limited run by Fender back several years ago. It was limited to a few stores and there wasn't that many of them made. At least, that was the story when I bought it.
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  11. Shades of Blue

    Shades of Blue Most Honored Senior Member

    Jan 28, 2008
    South Carolina
    I have to say, I've had the 61 Thin Skin for several years now and haven't noticed any wear on the finish. Still looks brand new. I even quite wiping her down before I put her away to try and get some wear....nothing yet lol.
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  12. fattboyzz

    fattboyzz Senior Stratmaster

    Sep 24, 2017
    Newnan ,Ga.
    Very nice classic look !
  13. errikwong

    errikwong Strat-Talker

    Mar 11, 2018
    Build a partscaster to your spec!

    Based on what I understand, you really like your '61 thin skin, and factually it is one heck of a sweet guitar; I'll never mod that if I were you.

    Scope out a warmoth/allparts neck and pickguard and maybe go on ebay to see which MJT bodies strike your fancy; they do have a wide variety available, and they do put up some HSS routed bodies from time to time. Round it all off with some Gotoh hardware and pickups of your choice.
  14. Fender Phil

    Fender Phil Strat-Talker

    I only mod lower line guitars that have a good feel to them, and were bought at a good price. I have Chinese, MIM, and American Telecaster and Stratocasters that were bought dirt cheap, and modded into better guitars.

    If I spend top dollar for a new guitar, it better be exactly what I want. There is no reason to modify an American Deluxe, a Clapton, Beck, Custom Shop, Vintage, etc.

    I have at least 8 Strats and 6 Telecasters. Not one of them are alike. They each have something special to offer. Six of these are high dollar ones.

    My most played guitar is an American Special, that has Highway One stickers in the pickup cavities. I swapped in a loaded American Standard fat 50’s pick guard, and locking tuners. This one has an exceptional neck, and has no faults. I have about $500 CDN into it. It is a player that seems to be a rock solid, durable workhorse. It is my version of a Journeyman Brownie Strat.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  15. Silvercrow

    Silvercrow Senior Stratmaster

    Nov 6, 2014
    Bucks County, Pa.
    I'm in the modding camp. If I like it enough to keep it, I'm not concerned about resale value.

    I don't know if a "stock" guitar exists that would have everything I'd want to make it ideal for me. Some were close- particularly a PRS McCarty that was taken from me out of my car.

    The most guitars I've ever owned at the same time was 11. Acoustics and electrics. I only really played about three and was still "discovering" what I liked best about all the different components of my guitars, especially electrics.

    I own three electrics and one acoustic right now: One each Gibson Classic LP and Studio; One Fender American Standard Strat. ALL are keepers to me. ALL are modded; some more drastically than others. The Studio kept it's original pickups but I "upgraded" the stop bar, bridge, redressed the fret ends, installed PIO caps. My Classic got a different set of pickups. Otherwise it's perfect for me (now).

    My Strat has had revolving door pickup changes. I am currently awaiting the 5th set to install. I LOVE the body and especially the neck- BEST neck ever for me. Having a devil of a time finding "THE" pickups. Hopefully this time...

    Best wishes to all, whatever you do to your "babies"! (Keep, sell, mod or all of the 'above';))

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  16. 3bolt79

    3bolt79 Senior Stratmaster

    Oct 16, 2018
    Tacoma in two weeks
    I have a forty year old strat that is in exceptional condition. I had to buy another guitar just to help preserve the original condition of the old one...It still has original frets with almost no wear. It was my only guitar, until I got an American Professional to be my guitar that gets played in the bars. I am of the opinion that one can never have too many guitars, so no nodding for me. Been there and done that, and it's always been a mistake for me.
  17. Silvercrow

    Silvercrow Senior Stratmaster

    Nov 6, 2014
    Bucks County, Pa.
    Don't apologize for not knowing something; NONE of us know everything (although some of us think we do...LOL).

    There is an unbelievable amount of knowledge here on this board. Almost to a fault, anyone will help another out by sharing knowledge / information.

    '61 Thin Skin= A Fender "Copy" of it's own 1961 Stratocaster, made to '61 specs; thin skin= thin nitrocellulose finish. Some folks think the thin finish allows better tone / the wood to breathe. Hotly debatable subject.

    I THINK the first of these were carried by Wildwood guitars but I may be wrong on that part.

    AVRI= American Vintage Re-Issue. A Fender produced copy of an American Vintage Strat / Tele etc.

    VERY cool you're building your own partscaster! You'll know ALOT very soon! Best wishes in all you do!

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  18. Stark

    Stark Ghost of Johnny Thunders Strat-Talk Supporter

    Jul 16, 2011
    Richmond Annex, CA
    I agree 100% with @jaybones not to mention, I’ve coveted his hardtail since the first time I saw it!
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  19. Alan Crossley

    Alan Crossley Strat-O-Master

    Nov 20, 2018
    Republic of Ireland
    I was in with a Dublin Tech this morning and he said that I didn't need to hard tail my new Strat build because, in his view, if you fitt all of the springs, and they are of a high quality. The bridge will not move anyway.

    On my first Strat, I didn't have a block at the bride. I removed the trem bar and never had any issues at all. Regards Alan
  20. jaybones

    jaybones Most Honored Senior Member Strat-Talk Supporter

    @Stark Thank you!

    And I've always said a measure of another's intelligence is how much they agree with you. ;)
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