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New Gitec article on AlNiCo magnets

Discussion in 'Pickup Forum' started by Antigua, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Antigua

    Antigua Senior Stratmaster

    Feb 28, 2014
    in between
    The German guitar group called Gitec, who focus on physics and other scientific principles of electric guitars, as just posted another scientific article on AlNiCo magnets

    The focus of this article is mostly about how the degaussing of AlNiCo pole pieces (as opposed to bar under mount magnets) effects the electrical properties of a pickup. Their finding is that when AlNiCo pole pieces lose magnetism, the inductance of the pickup drops slightly, as well as increasing the resonant peak slightly. AlNiCo 5 doesn't this more prominently than AlNiCo 2. Degaussed AlNiCo 5 also shows a slightly higher Q factor as well, whereas degaussed AlNiCo 2 causes it to change very little. These differences are probably too small to be heard, but it's interesting to know that they occur. If the differences could be heard, it would mean that weakened AlNiCo would produce a brighter sound, more so with AlNiCo 5 than AlNiCo 2.

    Given that the difference is small, you might be wondering "so what?", well with all the unsourced claims that are made about what magnets can and can't do for a guitar pickup, there's almost as much value in knowing what doesn't happen as there is what does. It's also worth noting that decreasing gauss strength of pole pieces changes how the pickup pulls against the strings, and that makes for a difference, though it is a physical difference as opposed to an electrical one, and is approximately the same as raising or lowering pickups.

    Gitec has been posting research for years in the German language. They have recently been translating a lot of their work into English , so if you like science and you like guitars, check out their other work as well.
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  2. muso.greg

    muso.greg Strat-Talker

    Thanks for the links.... interesting subject.
  3. dazco

    dazco Former Member

    Oct 5, 2017
    Strange. I recently came to find A3 to be a different and VERY good bridge sound in strats but also found that A3 is rare in strat pickups unlike teles which use them a lot. Researching it i found a few reviews of A3 pickups in strats where the reviewers pretty much raved about them yet very few winders make A3 strat pups. Now I see this article and again A3 is left out. I wonder why this is. They mention it at the beginning then go on to only compare A5 and A2.