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NGD! 2014 USA 60th anniversary commemorative Ash Strat

Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by addisj, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. addisj

    addisj Strat-Talker

    Mar 15, 2009
    East Sussex, UK
    Got her yesterday.

    The previous owner had the bridge blocked off. So the first thing I did was to remove the block, set up the trem, tweak the truss rod, new strings and she plays perfectly.

    Love the snappy articulate tones I am getting and the neck feels amazing.

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  2. Count Glockula®

    Count Glockula® Strat-O-Master

    Aug 16, 2009
    Fenderland, CA
    Hi! Congrats on the new guitar. How was the bridge blocked off? Sorry for the newb question.
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  3. aviamsi

    aviamsi Senior Stratmaster

    Aug 31, 2015
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  4. addisj

    addisj Strat-Talker

    Mar 15, 2009
    East Sussex, UK
    Thanks. Block of wood inserted behind the trem block.

  5. Yves

    Yves Senior Stratmaster

    Jan 2, 2016
    Nice grab! Looks immaculate.
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  6. addisj

    addisj Strat-Talker

    Mar 15, 2009
    East Sussex, UK
    Thanks. It does have 2 small dings on the bottom that show wood - where it rests on your leg but they are small. A few scratches on the lacquer on the rear - belt marks no doubt. I don't mind though. Just means I wont cry when I make my first mark!

  7. John C

    John C Senior Stratmaster

    Jul 17, 2012
    Kansas City
    Congrats! Those were really nice.
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  8. shupe13

    shupe13 Senior Stratmaster

    Feb 17, 2010
    Greenfield, IN

  9. crashbelt

    crashbelt Strat-Talker

    Feb 27, 2012
    I got one new - same price as MIA Standards at the time so really good deals. 20170618_101802.jpg
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  10. MonsterCoke

    MonsterCoke New Member!

    Mar 8, 2018
    Man, it's gorgeous.
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  11. CephasG

    CephasG Strat-O-Master

    Dec 13, 2017
    Land of Lincoln
    HNGD! Gorgeous guitar. What pickups are in it? The fat 50's I presume?
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  12. martynrss2

    martynrss2 Strat-Talker

    Feb 9, 2010
    I always really liked them, think they look great. Congratulations!
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  13. strat_strummer

    strat_strummer Senior Stratmaster Strat-Talk Supporter

    Dec 17, 2017
    Congrats addisj, beautiful guitar....
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  14. macoshark

    macoshark Strat-Talker

    Aug 30, 2016
    Ohhh weee. nice Strat. are those the ones with CS "54" Pickups?
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  15. Sarnodude

    Sarnodude Senior Stratmaster

    Sep 26, 2015
    Did any of the 2014-60th anniversary guitars come with a rosewood neck?

  16. addisj

    addisj Strat-Talker

    Mar 15, 2009
    East Sussex, UK
    From what I read they are 'special design 1954 pickups' I really like them. Only 6k ish from what I have read. So chimey and articulate. I was really expecting it to be 'very' bright, what with an ash body and maple board but it just isn't. I mean it's bright but not in your face. Not trebley nor harsh. Even on the bridge pickup suprisingly. Maybe its the Alnico III slugs mellowing it out.. not sure but it works what ever it is.

    The tone is balanced and it has a ton of spank if you dig in. Really noticable when I do hammer on's. The harder you play the more it bites back at you.

    It's light as a feather too.

    I just can't stop playing it.
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  17. Bumu

    Bumu Strat-Talk Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    mhhh tasty! and with the gold hardware just the right portion of bling-bling. Nice!
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  18. addisj

    addisj Strat-Talker

    Mar 15, 2009
    East Sussex, UK
    Thanks! Yeh the gold kinda goes with the finish I think.

    Love the tone this guy gets:

    It's made me gas for a 63 vibroverb too