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~Sigil Pickups~ The story of Tone

Discussion in 'Guitar Parts Vendors' started by CheopisIV, May 17, 2018.

  1. CheopisIV

    CheopisIV Strat-Talk Member

    Jul 15, 2010
    I've been winding since 2014 but messing with pickups since ~1998. My first set of aftermarkets were Dimarzio Fred and The Breed in my 1980 Univox Deluxe (Les Paul clone). I was a huge Vai and Satriani fan back then and that pawnshop special didn't sound good in any it only made sense!


    The swap went terrible, mostly because I was soldering with a full size plumbers/industrial soldering gun and trying to hook up some tiny microswitches for more options, but I eventually got them in and they changed the sound dramatically. From then to now it's been a journey of chasing tone and trialing everything on the market, some to great surprise and others to great disappointment.

    I first put copper to bobbin in late 2013 after reading a "How To" thread on one of the guitar forums that outlined a decent and simple looking method of winding pickups. I saw a used pickup winder pop up on a forum with a few kits and jumped at the chance. The machine was okay but needed frequent adjustment and was a little underpowered for my liking but it was a great way to start.


    The first 10-12 pickups went awful as I figured out how NOT to do it...tension, scatter, speed, offset, magnet grade and charge level etc etc etc, but then when it was looking grim and I was starting to think it might not be for me, I hit one of the guitar tones I'd been in love with for ages; I was hearing Bloomfield in my guitar. I kept extensive notes (I'm a stats geek) on every pickup so far so I sat down and tried to recreate the set from my notes to see if I could or if I just got lucky... This is where that first 'Bluesman' set was born which launched me on the path.

    That set eventually turned into the Bluesman Chicago'68 set when I made attempts later on to cop some other of my favorite tones. They're still my #1 best sellers and are usually in the top 3 of my personal favorites list which tends to vary from week to week.

    Here's some vids and a link to the set;

    First review done by Doug & Pat

    A more recent review by GuitarAnimal (clean tones ~1:55)

    Also for the record, Sigil is pronounced more like Sid-Jill than Seagull but it doesn't really matter. ;)

    LINK: Sigil Pickups Bluesman Chicago'68 Set
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