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Vintage SNL Paul Simon George Harrison

Discussion in 'Sidewinders Bar & Grille' started by jaybones, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. jaybones

    jaybones Most Honored Senior Member Strat-Talk Supporter

    Saw them play Here Comes the Sun.

    Amazing performance!!
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  2. Paperback Rocker

    Paperback Rocker Nitro-mancer Strat-Talk Supporter

    Sep 18, 2014
    Lewisville, TX
  3. RaySachs

    RaySachs Strat-O-Master

    Jun 25, 2017
    Philly area
    I must be pretty vintage myself - I remember watching that live. Couldn’t tell you when it was but it obviously wasn’t recent. I’ve been watching that show on and off since the first season...
  4. Guy Named Sue

    Guy Named Sue Beer me up Scotty Strat-Talk Supporter

    Feb 11, 2015
    Terra Incognita
    1976, man you're old:p
  5. jaybones

    jaybones Most Honored Senior Member Strat-Talk Supporter

    I would have guessed '75 (when I was 3) and I definitely wasn't watching it then.

    Still knew who everyone was, and knowing what I know now about what was going on behind the scenes I noticed some jaw clinching and other tells.

    Dan Akroyd made that part of his character in a sketch where he's a fast talking talkshow host who interviews Paul Simon not knowing who he is.

    Thinks he's a man of the same name who heads an organization of independent truckers (a joke when you think about it), then mistakes him for Neil Simon (hears "writer" when he says songwriter), then when Paul says SONGWRITER he thinks he's John Lenon, or one of the other Beattles. Then after being corrected he's a solo artist starts naming Jackson Brown songs.

    Paul Simon says if you don't know who I am and booked me thinking I'm someone else then I don't see why I should stay, leaves the stage.

    Whole time Akroyd's talking really fast and moving his jaw around like he's geeked.
  6. WhiteWabbit

    WhiteWabbit Senior Stratmaster

    Nov 6, 2014
    I caught the start of this last night. Can’t forget Paul Simon in the turkey costume.
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