Strat-Talk iPhone & Android Apps

If you’ve got an iPhone or smartphone running on the Android operating system we’ve got an App for you. Strat-Talk has developed it’s very own smartphone Apps and they’re available now for FREE from the iTunes App store and the Android Market. Just search for Strat-Talk and you’ll find our apps.

The Apps bring fully 90% of the functionality of the computer browser version of Strat-Talk to your smartphone. And we’re constantly making improvements and additions to the App. In fact, in the few short weeks that App has been available we are already on version no. 6! The new Apps replace a special mobile skin we were running for mobile devices. The skin, while workable, had many flaws and short comings. We hope to offer an improved version of the mobile skin sometime in the future.

Blackberry users don’t fret (pardon the pun), we’re working on a Blackberry App as well. And, hopefully a Windows Mobile 7 version will get started soon too. Palm users, sorry, but we don’t have a plan for a WebOS app at this time. But if the popularity of their new products improves then we’ll certainly take another look at that, as well.

The Strat-Talk App also works on the Apple iPad, though we think the standard browser version works best on the iPad. And, we assume that when Android Tablets are released this spring that our Android App will work on Android’s “Honeycomb” Tablet OS as well.

So, take Strat-Talk with you where ever your roam, and happy mobile posting.


5 Responses to “Strat-Talk iPhone & Android Apps”
  1. workshyfop says:

    love the android app. thank you very much.

  2. Pete McC says:

    When do You think the BlackBerry version Will be out? Looking forward to it..

  3. surfaday says:

    Yes! Blackberry please! Need any beta-testers? I’m willing.

  4. Wideglide says:

    How about one for the Symbian OS (Nokia phones)?

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