Mr. Stratocaser UK, Hank Marvin is Back

hankmarvin_narrowweb__300x334,0It started as a mistake. Hank Marvin loved the twangy sound of James Burton’s guitar on sides with Ricky Nelson. All Marvin knew, though, was that Burton played a Fender. When Marvin spotted a red guitar with gold hardware in a 1959 fender catalog, he knew he’d found the source of Burton’s sound. After all, it was the most expensive model in the catalog. Soon thereafter, Hank Marvin got that guitar—the very first Stratocaster imported to the UK. By the time he learned that Burton actually played a Tele, it was too late: Hank Marvin had become a Strat man.

Decades after going number one with The Shadows on instrumentals like “Apache” and “Kon-Tiki,” Hank Marvin is back with a new solo album, Hank Since Marvin now lives in sunny Australia, the album’s tunes “all have some kind of connection to summer,” Hank explains. 

It includes new versions of classics like the Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset,” the Beach Boys’ “California Girls,” the Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Daydream,” as well as covers of the Beatles, the Police, Johnny Nash and Eddie Cochran.

Fender’s Custom Shop produced a Hank Marvin Stratocaster from 1995-1996. According to the Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide, it’s worth around $2,000. The Custom Shop also made forty Hank Marvin 40th Anniversary Stratocasters in 1998. They’ll set you back as much as $7300.


Fortunately, Hank will be much more affordable. It comes out on June 2, 2014.

Here’s Hank Marvin with his biggest tune: “Apache.”



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  1. bluesy groover says:

    I just love Hank’s music and his classic Strat tones. What a legend.

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