Dynaguide String Tree Keeps you in Tune

first production small-2If you’re a regular user of the tremolo on your Strat, there’s a good chance you’ve had problems with your string tree. Those B and E strings have a tendency to bind up, causing tuning problems. That’s a big issue for someone in the middle of a Jeff Beck-whammy-bar phase, as Dutchman Fred Dingemans can attest. He tried everything: “I polished the string tree, greased it, raised its height, but nothing worked.” So Fred began to rethink the problem, and tinker. As a custom watchmaker, he’s used to dealing with small things that can affect the whole. The result of his hard work is the Dynaguide.

“Conventional string trees concentrate on letting surface friction between the string and string tree/guide to be as minimum as possible,” Fred says. “Instead of trying to fight it, I use that same friction to let the Dynaguide move in a better manageable location.” He calls it a “string follower.” Watch how it works:

Here are the parts you’ll get:

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How hard is it to install? Just check out this 18-second video:

Fred says the Dynaguide is “proudly made in the Netherlands.” The cost is 7.50 Euro. Add another 1.05 Euro for shipment to the U.S., and you’re grand total is $10.84.

For more information, head to Dynaguide.

And, if you’re shopping for a watch, Fred makes 25 fully-customizable pieces a year. Click the photo to find out more.




9 Responses to “Dynaguide String Tree Keeps you in Tune”
  1. oatsoda says:

    Let ‘er ride. A nice, simple, brilliant piece of kit. Now, if it could just reach over and graphite those nut slots for you once in a while…

  2. nicholas says:

    I liked the idea until I saw that it moves. I understand that it’s supposed to reduce friction but moving parts worry me. With that being said, It still looks promising and I may order one along with a barrel string retainer and find out for myself.

  3. charlie chitlin says:

    Well….Jeff Beck is in the middle of a Jeff Beck whammy phase, and he doesn’t seem to need one.

  4. skinnyass says:

    My Indy Cort Affinity Squires look cheezy enough without more plastic. Until I try a roller nut I think my stand-up string trees are good enough for an ADULT guitarist who uses his tremelo arm for mild trem and bends. I would never consider a “dive bomb” MUSIC. Only you children call it a whammy!

  5. bendingtens says:

    Found this old interview with Jeff Beck where he discusses his wang bar:

    Do you find it going in and out of tune?

    Yeah, you’ll hear that going out of tune, all right [laughs]. It’s a constant source of annoyance, actually, but I love the Strat and what more can you do? I’ve lived with it for long enough, it can stay.

  6. Lincsman says:

    I fitted the Dynaguide to my Mexican strat last night, well worth the money and it has made a difference,trem operation is easier, l like the way it moves in line with your trem and the way it keeps the B and E string in line.

    I recommend it (plus it looks better than the horrible butterfly tree)


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