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New Profile Posts

  1. clackers49
    strat avatar to follow
  2. Sonny
    Sonny sevycat
    I'd love a message for the gang .. :)
    Pssst .. Does Macak have somethng going with Mary Pumpkin???:)
  3. Goodkat
    Goodkat Sonny
    Hey, where's my friend Bunny!

    Dodne esta my compadre Bunnycio!

    Ou est mon ....
  4. sevycat
    sevycat Sonny
    Sonny, did you see what "the One" said about Mary Poppins? Hey buddy, I don't know if I told you or not so I will message the gang with the news
  5. FuzzFace90
    Rockin' deep in the heart of Texas!
  6. davidKOS
    Taking a break from gigs these days.
  7. HUD1
    8/20/17 bought a lightly used '91 American Strat. I need to know everything.
  8. Evecameron
    Simply I'm a guitar lover, Love to play Electric guitar
  9. Sonny
    Sonny sevycat
    Hey Sev
    Even tho you've lost the way, how are you doing these days, hows the new job treating you??
  10. Alexndrix
    I'm all ears
  11. DrewPac5877
    Always single coils. Always.
  12. DrewPac5877
    Merrimack, NH
  13. sevycat
    sevycat Sonny
    Once there was a way, but we lost that information about the way, so now there is just no way.
  14. Strat-Slinger
    Contemplating Inverted 5th's...
  15. Jellocaster
    There's always room
  16. Legate Stratius
    Legate Stratius
    2007 3-Tone Sunburst USA Stratocaster.
  17. Tele Trick Mania
  18. harlesslee
    Strats Forever!
  19. problem-child
    problem-child Dewey
    Hey there.. Glad to see you're still around. It's been a few years. How you been?
    1. Dewey likes this.
    2. Dewey
      Thanks for the note pc! It's good to see you're still here too! I've been doing well thanks! And how are you?
      Aug 10, 2017
    3. problem-child
      I'm well. I went totally Gibson for a while, but you know how it is. Those Strats just would not quit calling out to me. I sold off all the Les Pauls and now I'm back with Fender again. I need to stop buying and start playing more.
      Aug 10, 2017
      Dewey likes this.
    4. Dewey
      I had a bunch of Les Pauls for a while there. I sold them all except one. I still have a bunch of Strats. I need to start playing more too.
      Aug 22, 2017 at 11:02 AM
  20. MDZimmerman
    Panem et circenses