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  1. Bcorig
    Bcorig CarbonCanyon
    We have a Carbon Canyon down here in SoCal. Any connections?
    1. CarbonCanyon
      Nah bud. Mines up north by Mt Rainier in WA..SoCal is the land of my birth though..didn't know there was a carbon canyon down there.
      Jul 21, 2018 at 11:24 PM
  2. Lightninboy
    To play the blues....ya gotta' live the blues .....
  3. merkava
  4. rafasounds
    rafasounds SilvaStrat
    Fala Silva. Foi mal a demora em responder, andei ausente daqui. Bonitos cães! Como vai por aí? Um abraço
  5. nevusofota
    nevusofota srmd22
    Hello! I’m contacting you about your HR60’s Strat. I’m on the hunt for one. I found a NOS yesterday but the price seems high. They’re asking $2k and I know that Sweetwater was selling them for $1600 new. I was also hoping you could give me a quick review of yours now that you’ve had it for a few years. I’m considering the new Original 60’s but I heard the neck is chunkier than the Hot Rod. Thanks! Steve
    1. srmd22
      Great axe, still playing and loving it. I'll send you a PM - seems to be limited as to number of characters in the comments box here.
      Jul 22, 2018 at 2:20 AM
  6. Goodkat
    Goodkat GuitarAJ
    v Hmmm .... where's the >>dis<<like button?!
  7. Jimmy7
    Does anyone know if there is a such thing as a 50's neck that is not a v?
  8. WishiwasClapton
    Just joined so Hi to everyone,look forward to learning a lot as i am a newbie!
  9. Goodkat
    Goodkat sevycat
    It's nice that you're working on your hobbies.

    My past ten days or so haven't been much fun, TBH. My father died last week and we had a burial service for him last weekend. Haven't seen him in a long time time (like 19+ years), but what can you do, that's life, I guess.

    As for the Muscle Man contest, I guess my lost brother from Canada is a much better candidate than me. :)
  10. sixstringvixen
    New to the site, hello everyone!
  11. sevycat
    sevycat Desert strat
    Just dropped by and seen your response, sorry to hear about being out of work, but I am sure you will fill the time till the next job with some cool projects.
  12. par4me123
    Black or White!
  13. KingCod
    Let's sell our used gear a little cheeper than what were suppost to selling it for. Why not? Let's just lower that bar a little
  14. SavannahRob
    Life is Like playing guitar. You spend all your days finding the good notes and playing them the best you can.
  15. Elmo
    Hey, I'm new to this so I just wanted to show a picture of my 2002 hwy one guitar.
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  16. dogletnoir
    New album!
  17. Goodkat
    Goodkat sevycat
    Good to hear from you! I've been busy I guess, working, hitting the gym a bit .... Be careful with that Dremel thing! :D
  18. sevycat
    sevycat Sonny
    Bunny.... Damn it! Say something, I feel like you all got on the yellow submarine and departed.
  19. sevycat
    sevycat Desert strat
    Hey buddy, hope all is well for you, I am doing projects today. Gunsmith related stuff on my West German magazines for my Sig Sauer. Thank Goodness for the Dremel tool.
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    2. Desert strat
      Desert strat
      Hey Sevy, thanks for the message. I'm all fine here, although I'm living in the land of the unemployed at the moment. I got made redundant and taking a break from work a while. still living way out back, I will get more work at some stage, for now I can relax, concentrate on photography, build more guitars
      Yes Dremel's are a Godsend, that and hand held routers. try to get on the forums more, coz I have more time.
      Jul 2, 2018
  20. sevycat
    sevycat GuitarAJ
    Goodrat is stinking up this vm page with his semi intellectual words.