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  1. southsidesmoka
    Jammin' on my 3-Color Sunburst, Maple-fretboard "MIM" Stratocaster with Custom Shop Fat 60's pickups through my Hot Rod Deluxe IV...proper.
  2. glynb
    Thinking of buying a new Strat player with maple neck .Anyone have one already.They seem to be pretty good value.
  3. sporque
    I just pulled the trigger on a Japanese Fender (JD) Aerodyne Strat, and it's my new number 1!
  4. RLMartin
    Happy with my 04 MIM/SSS
  5. Red Bread
    Red Bread Believer7713
    Let me know what ya want for those saddles
    Maybe we can work something out

  6. Neilx
    Trying to get alternate picking under control.
  7. Fretmeltkid
    Turn your hobby into you job and never work again
  8. Jyates
    Ready to piece together my first Strat, wanting to learn from the wise sages in this forum
  9. fendercollection
    fendercollection Lace Sensor
    Hi Jeff,

    Great Fender polish can! It dates from about 1963-65. Would you consider selling it?

  10. Velvetone Studios
    Velvetone Studios
    Been building for years.. finally went full time 2018.
  11. jycbrsns01
  12. Mineral
    Sergeant Politeness
  13. spikypaddy
    spikypaddy Polarbear
    Provided there's no diary clashes, then I'll look forward to it - just gimme a heads up when you've got a rough idea of dates! I'll make sure the Boogie's warmed up and ready to go and the kettle's on (or else there's beer in the fridge).
  14. spikypaddy
    spikypaddy Polarbear
    You're more than welcome to come this way, dude - although opportunities for raucous noise-making are a bit limited, thanks to the presence of a Lightning McQueen obsessed toddler. But I'm fully intending to get back into playing again now I've got the Boogie. Just need to fit in: work, family, study, guitar... probably in that order of priorities, too...
    1. Polarbear
      Haha! That's all good, we're heading down to Cornwall way soon so I might need a detour to Pad-town. I understand that new gear sparks the light again, I was getting bored of guitar playing when I had my old Line 6 and thrashed up Strat. The sounds were the same everyday and stale, but once I bought the Tokai (oh boy that thing rips)
      Jan 22, 2019
    2. Polarbear
      it was playing everyday and now I have the new amp I can't keep off the bloody thing. I'm thinking of doing a pup swap to some PAF style ones from D.Allen soon though.
      Jan 22, 2019
  15. DoctorVoodoo
    Building a Strat!
  16. gibbons
  17. bill Inman
    bill Inman
    Veteran Guitardo
  18. jb_baptiste
    jb_baptiste HankPym
    Hi ! I don't know if your account is still working but I read your old post about your CIJ '52 Telecaster w/ Bigsby (
    I was wondering if you can tell me the cost of this guitar, because I found almost the same in a shop in France, but I clearly don"t know the average price.

    Thank you very much for your help !


  19. fos1
    Retired science teacher and counselor. Love music, bicycling, and electronics.
  20. hd1200xlh
    hd1200xlh CeltRocka
    Hi CeltRocka, trem block needed for a (1994-1995) MIJ Squier.
    -It has MDF body,
    -import type bridge as opposed to USA or MIM.
    - body size is 40mm,
    - block is approx. 3mm shorter will be needed. The
    - tremolo arm threads will be more in line with strings than the block
    mounting screws.
    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
    1. CeltRocka
      Hi, Squiers use a few different variations of blocks. Any chance you can send me a photo of the top face of block [removed from plate] You can send to my email:
      Jan 16, 2019