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  1. dudafun
    Seeking guitarists to teach veterans once a week to play guitar. The Healing Box Project can expand with your help ! Contact:
  2. joey pinter
    joey pinter
    this is mid 80's MIJ Strat. i bought it in a pawn shop in Santa Monica for $500. it had issues.
  3. TVvoodoo
  4. bjewell
    Guns, Guitars and Harleys...
  5. ex-Hurricane 1964
    ex-Hurricane 1964
    Just bought this fake Strat for $50... getting ready to adjust the action. Did you know you can use a credit card to do that ?
  6. holyjaguar
    if you`re reading this ,that`s how far a light year is.
  7. Yaralag
    Trying to get banned
  8. the old guy
    the old guy
    Just wanted to introduce myself, 74 hence old man, had custom shop strat 2 years, would like to chat re echo units,
  9. Lineman77
    2018 MIA Pro Sonic Blue-Roasted Maple W/RW - CS 69s
  10. Lineman77
    New Strat day!
  11. 79olympicwhite
    Tune in, turn on, drop out
  12. Master Caster
    Master Caster
    Some dildos write great music! Just look at Roger Waters
  13. Paperback Rocker
    Paperback Rocker
    I love the flute rock.
  14. Paperback Rocker
  15. Gobo Fraggle
    Gobo Fraggle
    Steely gaze in the sunrise. Lonesome walk in the dawn. Sometimes lonely, but living only for truth, when truth may be gone.
  16. alissoncasagrande
    Just another strat fan
  17. Seafoam
    Seafoam CeltRocka
    Hi. Do you sell full Strat bridges or just blocks? Looking to replace the bridge on my Tokai which seems to be 2 1/16th spacing, which doesn’t leave me with many traditional looking alternatives; seems to be only Fender MIM or Callaham.
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    2. Seafoam
      Thanks. Do you do a block/arm pair for 2 1/16th “ blocks? If so, how much? Is there a particular bridge you would recommend?
      Apr 26, 2019
    3. CeltRocka
      There are many variations of blocks with 2-1/16" spacing depending on what bridge plate is used. The MIM is good enough [ its chrome plated steel] the Callaham has maybe a better finish but more expensive

      MIM plate and saddles [£25/$30]
      Callaham plate only[£40/$50]
      Apr 26, 2019
    4. CeltRocka
      Forgot to add, my cold rolled steel blocks are £25 and £7 for arm [any length] If interested contact me

      I can send photos and more info

      thanks Kev
      Apr 26, 2019
  18. diverse379
    Always searching always seeking always growing always listening
  19. southsidesmoka
    Laying down bass lines on my Fender Jazz Bass with Custom Shop 60's pickups through my Rumble 40...groovin'.
  20. davidrconnell
    What do you think of my pics of my Mark Knopfler Strat??
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