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  1. collinsml
  2. Stark
    Trying to get a little bit better
  3. RhinestoneStrat
    RhinestoneStrat Biddlin
    How is spiddlin' Bo Biddlin, the legendary Blues-Man from Northern Californ-I-A and Madame Lola? ;>)/
  4. DannyDel
    What’s the color of this VM squire
  5. brianb88
    Still learning..
  6. Crow1949
    Older but hopefully wiser.
  7. xstrada
    xstrada balston11
    Hello I do not speak English. translated text.
    I have a Japanese st54 strat that I love deeply. I would like to ask you a question :
    What tone capacitor does it bring from the factory?
    I could not enter your site. please pass me the link
  8. Anabachi
    Anabachi Deathray
    Like the guitar in the pic. I just built one very much like it :)
    1. Deathray likes this.
    2. Deathray
      Nice job! It is a great combination of colors.
      Jul 29, 2019
  9. FL-Wolf
    Retired musician, but still active as Solo Entertainer with guitar & tracks.
  10. Jennaskull21
  11. Lance071
    Back playing guitar after a few years. A lot of catching up to do!
  12. Stark
  13. Mech
  14. Tone Specific
    Tone Specific
    Building, testing, shipping pickups. Might be talking to a Pro or answering an email.
  15. apm1991
    Stay Half Full!
  16. FL-Wolf
    I'm 70, retired from a loooooong musical career.
  17. Ronkirn
    unless old finish is a disaster do not strip, existing finish makes excellent primer. fill dings, sand smooth w/ 220 grit, 'n do it
    1. roaddoggie likes this.
    2. roaddoggie
      Thank you sir I have learned a lot from your generous help to fledgling guitar refinishers like me. again Thanks for your help and info regards, Roaddoggie
      Jul 27, 2019
  18. roaddoggie
    roaddoggie Ronkirn
    Ron I would like to strip a 2006 Gibson LP studio. the finish is supposed to be nitro. Would you recommend a chemical strip or would a heat strip work. Thanks for you time.
  19. Eagle157
    Eagle157 Seymour Duncan
    PS: I see that you aren't 'the actual SD', but I was just hoping that you would have some insight into this. Thanks.
    1. Seymour Duncan
      Seymour Duncan
      The P90 shouldn't be that quiet. Are both P90s that quiet?
      Jul 14, 2019
  20. Eagle157
    Eagle157 Seymour Duncan
    Hey there, I haven't been on these forums much, but I was searching for a SD P Rails question. I'm proficient at doing my own setups and have considerable electronic knowledge. I purchased a loaded HH Strat P Rails pickguard from 920D and installed it yesterday. It worked right the first try, however here's my question: the P90s are considerably more quiet than the hot rails. Should that be the case? Thanks.
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