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  1. onacarom
    onacarom nigelr
    Me cago en tu Puta madre, hijo de la gran puta
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  2. hotshot44
    HELP! I am stuck between a MIM Fender Stratocaster deluxe 2016 for $525. The other is a fender 60th aniversary 50's strat for 500 even.
  3. WillyMiller
    WillyMiller bradleygt
    Hey, will here. Today I just purchased an identical strat, mine had the serial number MSN0047. Curious if you were able to get anymore information on yours?
  4. Baelzebub
    Will Keith Richards please turn off the amps when we're all gone?
    The guitar helps me through my darkest moments...
    My Strat is like a Rolls-Royce it can never be surpassed
  7. Jesse414
    Jesse414 vid1900
    Hello vid1900 just wanted to say hi and hope you are doing ok and stuff hope you come back soon☺
  8. Trevor
    sunn mustang 80/90s
  9. Nick Evans
    Nick Evans
    Sometimes I drink water - just to surprise my liver.
  10. FastPhil
    Hi, This is my ‘62 strat I’ve owned since early ‘70’s. Also have a Fender logo JV strat, ‘74 Sunburst Tele & ‘76 Martin d28.
  11. CleverParasite
    guitar player since '94, tech since '08, studying luthier since '16. Fender certified tech, current full time at "a guitar store."
  12. Nick Evans
    Nick Evans simoncroft
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  13. GreenMtnBoy
  14. Red Cactus
    Red Cactus
    Still in the ACT
  15. Kiwi59
    Built this for the Christmas holidays and finding I’m picking it up all the time. So much fun to noodle on.
  16. rotsap
    I suffer from severe GAS chronicity, I don't complain about it though. The wife complains a little, but usually helps me with my condition.
  17. Baelzebub
    I'm losin' status at the High School......
  18. RustyFender
    Still learning, but diving in head first
  19. Nick Evans
    Nick Evans
    The road to success is always under construction!
  20. Nick Evans
    Nick Evans
    The road to success is always under construction
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