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  1. Wound_Up
    St Duane has arrived!
  2. Diamond D
  3. BergerHead
  4. Skrofhyrguitarism
    "With the power of soul...anythang is possible"
  5. Skrofhyrguitarism
    "With the power of soul...anything is possible"
  6. southsidesmoka
    Installed a set of V-Mod pickups in one of my Stratocasters. Tried Texas Specials and Custom '69s in this guitar. Finally, found my sound!
  7. simmehi
    simmehi tetsuya513
    Hello Tetsuya513!
    i just missed your Super real jazz bass in yahoo bid
    can u repost 75000 yen again, i gonna buy it
  9. Fenderbaum
  10. pesukone
    I want to buy Dunlop JHF3 Band of Gypsys Fuzz
  11. VicoVibe
    VicoVibe Seymour Duncan
    I'm installing a SSL-5 and was curious what side the white wire is oriented. Is the white wire side of the pu mounted on the bass side? Thank you
  12. davidd47
    in the shop or garden
  13. Martin Gibson
    Martin Gibson
    Late bloomer.
  14. southsidesmoka
    Just finished installing the mythical Halo inductor in my Cry-Baby...the legends of lore bout this little gizmo hold true to this day! :-0
  15. DavidGilmour
    All you touch and you see is all your life will ever be...Hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way
  16. Andrew botes
    Andrew botes
    Hi can anyone give me some info about this guitar
  17. JonRock
    You can call me JonRock
  18. bazinga70
  19. davidrconnell
    Arthritis is cruel I play when I can on a good day.
  20. kelloggsy
    kelloggsy Brian H
    Hi Brian, have you compared the Ultra Series VS the Elite Series and whether you still prefer your Elite series?
    1. Brian H
      Brian H
      I haven't tried the Ultra. But one thing I like a lot about the Elite is the compound neck and how it changes from a D shape to a C shape. Makes it really easy to play on. I don't think the Ultra has that same neck
      Sep 15, 2020