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  1. Slyy
    Opinionated D-Bag
  2. SgtCova
    Marine Corps Veteran
  3. Bockie777
    There is only one guitar: "The Strat"
  4. southsidesmoka
    Bought a Fender Mustang Micro headphone amp. Suits me better than the BOSS Pocket GT processor...MUCH better. Smaller size and less clutter!
  5. gambi_no
    Telemaster and custom guitar player
  6. SonOfLerome
    SonOfLerome crowtee
    Hi I’d like to buy just 69’ pickup, or maybe both. I don’t see a way to message you on here, so here’s my email - [email protected] Thanks!
  7. donnyrocker
    I don't even knw how many I have any more
  8. strat_strummer
    LOL there is two hints that nailed it, #1 the black SG, and #2 only two guys actually carried on conversations with her....
  9. RhinestoneStrat
    RhinestoneStrat strat_strummer
    No, I'm not TexRed...but I haven't heard from her in a while...a bit worried about her.:( My username on TTR forum & Epiphone-Talk had to do with a certain Gibson guitar that Tony Iommi plays and is the colour of the one on 'Never Say Die' album...the same colour in the band name...wink, wink, nudge, nudge. :)
  10. Prometheus_Slap
  11. Dripedge
  12. strat_strummer
    Is this actually who it is?
  13. strat_strummer
    Ok, I remember now. Actually she told me about the ToneRooms and that's when I joined.
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  14. Pandamasque
    Dinosaur, apparently
  15. orion2015
    Alive and kickin! Or is that pickin!
  16. ak-25
    got bored with ridiculous, self obsessed people and left
  17. Guesswat homies
    Guesswat homies c_corie
    You know why a guitar always plays better acoustically? Because you're not really hearing it.
  18. Randu55
    Thanks for everyones help getting the Bullet back in action!!
  19. Randu55
    I took the guitar completely apart and polished the nicks out of the bridge. Reassembled w extra unp pulling up on neck.. Wallah!! Thanks!!
  20. Randu55
    The Bullet is Back Biatchezz!