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  1. Strat-Slinger
    Rockin' 10's On A Float...
  2. Strat-Slinger
    Strung w/ 10's On A Float...
  3. Strat-Slinger
    Not Hiding Anything..
  4. Strat-Slinger
    Not Fretting It...
  5. paulshark
    chopstick capo > your capo
  6. almin
    The smile on my face isn't always real
  7. Olfenderguy
    Buying 1st Strat soon
  8. Stingray70
  9. IsaiasO
    I play too many notes.
  10. LaquerLicker
    LaquerLicker ripgtr
    Hey buddy, I’m in the market for a original 60s strat. And someone said you have one that has some wear? I was just curious about the poly sealer and how it allows the nitro to age. Cheers!
    1. ripgtr
      There is a hard undercoat on the guitar that was put on before the nitro finish, it is a sealer, probably HomoClad by Sherwin Williams. Since the nitro is over it, it does not have any effect on the wear of the nitro but once through that, it is a couple decades of hard playing to wear down to the wood. I've posted pics on here a bunch of times, i you do a search.
      Nov 26, 2021
  11. southsidesmoka
    Done. Replaced the plate-load resistors for the phase inverter tube in my HRD IV. Wonder how long she goes without needing more surgery...
  12. Strat-Slinger
  13. dka-65
    dka-65 DUSTER44T
    Hoping I am not posting this on your profile itself, because it kind of looks like that.
    I am interested in the Pure Vintage '65 pickups.
  14. diogoguitar
    diogoguitar crawdaddy
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    2. crawdaddy
      WOW....almost 10 years ago still have mine along with the LPB model that they offered us lefty's back then....take care....
      Nov 19, 2021
  15. southsidesmoka
    D'oh!!!! I'm back at it...I have to go BACK in and replace the plate load resistors in my HRD IV...I sincerely hope this resolves my issue.
  16. Guitarman59LP
    Learning about Strat/tele building.Anyone know peg size for 2011 Stratocaster Deluxe. I am guessing 13/32
  17. crawdaddy
    crawdaddy tripituru
    Hi: is a site for left handed players.

    It isn't heavily traveled, but there are a bunch of decent lefty's there.

    There is also a group on facebook: left-handed guitarist,lefthanded guitars but this one is kinda like the wild west, anything goes.

    Take care,

    1. tripituru
      Thanks Mike, I appreciate the info.


      Nov 16, 2021
  18. Leofender
    Leofender admin1
    I paid for a 1 year membership... How do I confirm that I am confirmed please.
  19. Geet
    Probably fishing....
  20. TayWilsonMusic
    What’s your favorite dumb comedy?