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  4. Jimmy The Snake
    Jimmy The Snake
    Guitarist, Song Writer, Sound Engineer, Retired
  5. PhilippineStrat
    About to have my first.
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  8. Strat-Slinger
    Enjoying The Ride
  9. subwaytovenus
    subwaytovenus Tim S
    If yes, I am looking for exactly that combination, but instead of being in position 4 I would like to have it in position 2 (keeping the normal strat configuration in position 4), would you know how to wire that ?
    Thank you very much for your help,
  10. subwaytovenus
    subwaytovenus Tim S
  11. Woob
    Thinking about another one. Shouldn't I learn to play first?
  12. jp-f
    New guitar player: here to enjoy the ride!
  13. Soulmansteve
    Soulmansteve balston11
    Hi,Balston ll how much is my 1986 E series 62 black lefthanded strat worth.thanks,Soulman Steve !
  14. yettoblaster
  15. sazista1
    If it's got strings, I'll play it.
  16. Siameser
    Even I don't believe half the crap I say.
  17. stringtheoryNYC
    stringtheoryNYC Belltonenblues84
    I was looking for info on Strat pickups and noticed your mention of Onamac. I was not familiar.

    I've used a couple different Fender sets, Duncans, etc. but my favorites are Lindy Fralins.
    I'm currently revamping a few of my strats. I'd be curious to hear your opinions on various
    manufacturers and models. Have you found anything else comparable to Fralins?

    Mark G
  18. Son Alerik
    Son Alerik
    May The Blackmore Be With You
  19. Bob the builder
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