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Fender® '70s Stratocaster® Natural w/Black pickguard

Fender® '70s Stratocaster® Natural w/Black pickguard
Dauntless, Jul 21, 2008
    • Bruster
      Saw an almost identical axe in a store in Vancouver today. THey were asking $1.9K. is that a good deal? Original '76 in good shape. Nice Guitar, BTW!
    • Dauntless
      Mine is a MIM that I found in GC for 300.00.
      I pulled it apart and rebuilt it. New bridge, new pickups, fret work.
      The dude that had it before, hurt her bad.
      After the work I've done on her, this one is far better than the one I had in the 70s.

      Looking at the way prices are going up on older guitars, I'd say that if it's in good shape, jump on it, but know what you are getting!
      I had a Tele Deluxe in the 70s that is now getting 7000.00 and up.
      If it's a real 70s Strat, it will have some distinguishing tricks to look for, like the patent decal on the headstock, ect...
      Bone up and do your homework before investing in vintage guitars.
      If you just want a player, get a MIM and make it yours.
    • MichaelZ
      Beautiful guitar. I recently bought one that looks just like it. Mine too was used, $400 at GC. Love the neck, bright tone, and overall feel. Does have quite a bit of fret buzz, though, mostly higher up the neck. I've adjusted the truss rod and raised the saddles about as high as they'll go, which has helped but not eliminated the buzz. Also, the high E string (.09) goes dead when I bend it up a note at the 14th fret. You noted that you installed a new bridge and had fret work done, so I'm wondering if you had similar issues. By the way, what pickups did you use?

      Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
    • Dauntless
      I used these pick ups
      and did the fret work myself.
      Two things to check, if the frets look good, are the neck relief and the tilt angle, especially since your problems are in the higher range.

      Try loosening your strings, loosen the neck mount screws and, using the proper allen wrench, bring tilt foot in by turning it counter clock wise. Do not do this while strings are tight. If it is already backed out, tighten it all back up and check your relief.

      If you have any problems, holler at me!
    • MichaelZ
      Thanks so much! I've adjusted the Micro-Tilt a bit, but may need to do more. Also put longer screws in the saddles so that I could raise the strings higher, which reduced the buzzing and eliminated the choking at the 14th fret. It's a work in progress, and I know that Strats need lots of little adjustments to achieve the right set up.

      One other question: Seems like the output is kind of low; I have to turn the volume up to 7 or 8 to get the same volume level as a 5 on my Washburn Strat. I realize that they are two different instruments, but both are single coils and the Washburn is actually a very basic model (though comparable, I think, to a number of more-expensive Strats).

      Thanks again for your help.
    • Dauntless
      Odds are real good that the Washburn is using ceramic magnets for the pickups and if you have not changed out the pickups in your Fender, it's using, as Fender puts it,

      "3 Vintage Style Single-Coil Strat® Pickups with Alnico Magnets"

      Ceramics tend to be hotter and you will find that in louder situations, harder to control.
      In my opinion, ceramics are ok for at home but rarely perform well in a live setting.

      Try this, both guitars as a comparison, crank your amp up to 3/4 and control the sound with the pots on the guitar.:twisted:

      You should hear a major difference in sound quality!

      Cheaper guitars do tend to have ceramic magnet pickups for a reason.
    • MichaelZ
      Once again, thanks! Please pardon all my questions, but your advice is great; you really know Strats. I've been tinkering with the guitar quite a bit and am pretty happy with it now. Appreciate your assistance!
    • Dirt Rich
      When you die someday I want every one of these guitars willed to me. Let me know if you need my contact info.
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