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Desert strat

IMG 4788b

IMG 4788b
Desert strat, Aug 28, 2011
    • nhsdpl
      Nice photo.

      About 30 years ago I went jackarooing on a station east of Wiluna, flat, red country same as that pic.

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      Thanks and hope you're ok. Pic sure looks like it. I live in the Chihuahuan Desert and have similar pics but not THAT good.
    • Desert strat
      Deserts are a great location for guitar photos. Glad you like it. :)
    • texred
      You WILL see a pic, 30 yr old F-150, 10 yr old strat special se, and monday get new epi special 1
    • texred
      What do you do about fret sprout-they got me so scared-hmm, it's 75 here, could put it outside under the sprinkler
      everybody already said no to the fridg
      i mean, if i sleep with the strat, why can't i shower with the LP?
    • texred
      got you on my wall of fame, nex to a guy from a sleeping with your guitar-he's sound asleep on couch w/leg propped up and i swear, pickin
    • Desert strat
      @texred I don't take them outside much, it's either really hot and extremely dry before the wet season or it humid as hell . so rapid changes in temperature are not good. So far I have managed to keep them in good order. I t a 62AVRI Jag that worries me when the weather changes too quick.
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    Restoration of recovered mexican Stratocaster
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    Desert strat
    Aug 28, 2011
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