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  1. nomadh
    I have 2 from this series. Love the look and cushy feel. Best straps I can imagine. You have to remember these dont just hold your guitar up, they make it more comfortable. Each one isnt just...
  2. nomadh
    Love this strap. And 3 or 4 others from you. I usually go for the leather as its my kink:) but the hung long guy is amazing. Very light and padded, supple and I don't even worry about it on...
  3. Layerbake
    A couple of shots of my first foray in 'stratship'. Matches the 4 Aerodyne Tele's I own...........LOL
  4. fergyuk
    Nice looking GT!
  5. Ferpie
    Thanks buddy, like i said i don’t actually say it’s anything other than what I’ve been told it is but i got a good deal on it anyway, i was just a bit confused

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