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  1. Lone Woof
    Thanks for the photo. Would have to see some more photos, especially shots of the dings. Fretboard looks nice and dark! Any streaky graining not visible in the photo? What year is it and how much...
  2. 64 Tele
    [IMG] Arctic White with tort pickguard
  3. dueducs
    your board raises an interesting question for me. Generally, you put a looper at the end of the chain, but what about the trio? I see you have it second in line. How does that work out?
  4. Strat_of_Theseus
    What a handsome set of bound trannies;) Honestly though, the esthetic you exhibit here really does it for me. If you happen upon my gallery I believe your find my 3-tone Strat share the same...
  5. jaybones
    Is that a stain and poly in one? Still wet or has it dried? Looks great! Wonderful piece of grain!!!

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