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  1. BuffaloHound
    Not too shabby... I remember learning how to play that song, and how I played it quite poorly for years longer than I should have. May I make a few general suggestions?
  2. Yves
    @kennyj33 Many thanks. It even got better since I had Chandlers doing some work on it including a SS refret. Top job. Possibly cost me as much as this Strat would be worth but have no regrets....
  3. kennyj33
    That HW1 is beautiful. The wood looks awesome. Nice blue circle painting in your Avatar too!
  4. fastbob72
    Really just a photo collection of my guitars
  5. ANdyROb
    9 years on - they were fitted (only) to 'STRAT' SE's which also had 'Squier' stamped tuners, like Fender ones and full thickness (45mm / 1 3/4") bodies. Nothing else special. Lots of information...

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