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Jul 22, 2018
    1. lolo24
      Received pickups in excellent shape and nicely packed. Thanks for the extra mounting ring to replace the broken one. Have not mounted them yet. Debating between the Aria Pro II 335 clone and another guitar. I raised the pickups closer to the strings and now they sound a lot better. Some people like the Matsumoku pickups. I will probably have to get new pots too cause they are scratchy. That's what happens when a guitar sits. Will let you know what they sound like once I install them. Thanks a lot.
    2. Southpawd
      let's see if this link actually works,
      Musical friends | Facebook
      it so people can see my other album on facebook.
    3. Southpawd
      Hi Pete,
      I'm southwest of you I live at the foot of the Walt Whitman
      bridge that leads to South Philly.
      Exit 3 off TPK.
      You can look off my front porch and see
      the stadiums where all the teams play.
      I'd like 2 more guitars then it's quit time.
      A LP of some sort and a tele.
      I'm 55 and it's plain hell attempting to lay claim to past accomplishments.
      I don't know where my solo ability got off to or even if I had it to start with.
      like you I banged around on my old acoustic,took my old Aria in and had it refurbished and then it hit....
      WHAM !!!
      I bought guitars that were affordable for me and didn't look back
      sorta went nuts with equipment and now it's leveled off a bit.
      Even the wife says she missed me playing thru the years
      and glad to see me pick up a guitar again.
    4. Southpawd
      It's Russ BTW.
    5. Southpawd
      Thanks for the welcome Pete !!
      After a 20 year layoff I've decided to start playing again,if only just for fun.
      Took last year and bought some equipment and I'm having a blast with it.
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    Good deals with loudcherokee and lolo24.