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    For those of you that have tried both, what are y'alls opinions on S1 vs S2 switches?

    I much prefer the S-1 switch. Personally, I think it’s a much sleeker design.
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    My Fender will be...Pro II HSS or Ultra Luxe

    Yeah Yeah, but then again, what is the purpose of a discussion forum, if it’s not to share questions, opinions, advice, etc.?
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    My Fender will be...Pro II HSS or Ultra Luxe

    I tried an SSS Pro ii and the Ultra Luxe before buying the Ultra Luxe. In my opinion, the Ultra Luxe was worth the extra money. With the locking tuners, stainless steel frets, compound radius, and better fit and finish/attention to detail (especially the fret work), it suited my needs better. If...
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    Noiseless Pickups in American Ultra vs. Noiseless pickups in Nashville Tele?

    +1 on the Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster. I use one with my Ultra Luxe, which has the same pickups as the Ultra. I have no idea why, but it seems to add more top-end/highs.
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    Freeway Switch for Strat: how to get tone control in all three pickups?

    Hi You might find this helpful. I wrote to the company and asked the same question that you asked. Here is what they sent me.
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    Fender Ultra Noiseless Hot and Vintage

    Yeah, the S-1 switch is a tidy solution. I much prefer it to the push-push on the Pro ii line, or the push-pull on some other strats. However, unlike on the American Deluxe, on the Ultra Luxe, it doesn’t provide any series options to beef up the sound. It just adds the neck position in parallel...
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    Fender Ultra Noiseless Hot and Vintage

    Yeah, that’s good advice. I have had the guitar more than a year and have played around with both EQ and a booster. However, as I was always trying to achieve a beefier/hotter bridge compared to the other two pickups, I thought the swap would be worth a try. I am really happy with it. The...
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    Replacing player pups

    Yeah. Take a look under the pickguard next time you change the strings. This is my Player Strat. I also have the original SSS pickguard but with Texas Specials installed, and am currently assembling an HH pickguard. Player Strats are excellent modding platforms.
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    Fender Ultra Noiseless Hot and Vintage

    Hi everyone This is just a quick, subjective comparison of the Fender Ultra Noiseless Hot and Vintage pickup sets. My Ultra Luxe Strat came loaded with Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups, which I love. The only thing lacking, for me, was a bit of extra punch from the bridge pickup for playing...
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    Replacing player pups

    Why would you need to do any routing? Player Strats are already routed for HSH, so even if you went for a full-sized humbucker, you’d just need a new pickguard.
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    Compound Radius

    I have an Ultra Luxe Strat with a 10” to 14” compound radius. Love it.
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    Pickups and Tuning Machines on an American Pro II

    If you like the noiseless on your Player Plus, then I’m sure you’ll like the Ultra Noiseless Vintage. They might not nail the vintage single coil sound 100%, but Fender describes them as modern voiced but with vintage output in any case. Personally, I find them to be much more versatile than my...
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    Ultra Noiseless vs V-Mod II pickups?

    I ordered a Pro ii last year and sent it back after a few days to get my Ultra Luxe instead. I preferred the Ultra Noiseless but thought the V-Mod II pickups were pretty good too.
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    Too much weight?

    It looks excellent. Did you assemble it for your own use? If so, then the only person who can answer your question is you. If you’re fine with the weight, and how it sounds and plays, then there’s no issue and no reason to worry about other people’s opinions. If you built it to sell, then some...
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    Have you ever weighed a strat?

    I only have two Strats so far. My alder Player weighs 8lbs, and my ash Ultra Luxe weighs 8.7lbs. Neither one feels heavy to me. My alder Fender Deluxe Zone Bass tips the scales at 7.3lbs and feels as light as a feather. I like all three.