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  • I like a higher action on my guitars.I play Blues and bend a lot so I like to get under the string and I actually require some string height to play more easily....lower action is actually more difficult for me to handle.So with higher action I don't have to worry so much about string buzz.I never set up my guitar with any is all by feel.I have owned so many Strats that I know how I like them to feel and I don't follow the recommended setups so much as what facilitates my playing.Vintage style 7.25 radius with small frets is a pretty raw configuration and achieving perfect,buzz free playability with a low action is known to be quite elusive with these guitars.I think a lot of players adapt to these guitars by having the action set slightly higher and accepting the crude nature of these guitars.I actually embrace it because I like to slightly fight my guitar when playing Blues.Of course it is hard for me to judge because I have not played your guitar in could also be just a subtle tweak of the truss rod in proportion to the saddle height.

    As for the pickup tones...I agree that they are not as jangly and bright on the new 59s as they were on the older 62 reissues.I find the EQ on the 59 pickups flatter overall with a wider,more transparent and detailed range.The older 57/62 pickups had more of a pronounced midrange honkiness which made for a brighter,more jangly tone.I like both pickups for different reasons.The 59s have a nice sophisticated complexity whereas the 57/62 have a cool honkiness that really cuts through the mix.I do find the 59 pickups remind me of the tones I would hear when playing old vintage Strats of the same era.Of course they would all vary since being handwound but the EQ of the 59s reminds of a lot of older Strats of the 1950s and 60s I have played.
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