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    Boss Kantana as a Clean Amp for Modeling Pedal?

    I never had much luck running the Katana with my Helix or GT-1000, but the other player in my band used it one night after his Vox crapped out right before a gig and it sounded great with his old Digitech RP1000. I didn't really care for the Katana on its own either. I had the 100 combo and...
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    One word song title transference

    Too Much Joy - Robin Trower
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    I Don’t like amps

    They are called Helix :D
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    These are all beautiful! I have my S2 Standard 22 satin. Amazing playing guitar but so dull by comparison it's not worth posting...
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    NAD (to me) a 2nd Jet City, JCA22H

    That's awesome! I've always been curious about these but the one's I've seen used were always beat up looking and I'm not too sharp with schematics lol. HNUAD!
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    NGD - Ergonomic Content

    Thanks! Endurneck is Strandberg's patented neck profile. It looks weird as hell and you wouldn't think it would work, but it does. It's all flat surfaces and a funky angle that sort of helps guide your thumb as you run up the neck. It really feels great.
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    NGD - Ergonomic Content

    Found this on Reverb yesterday and just picked this up this afternoon. Regardless of how you feel about the look (still debating that myself) it really is comfortable as hell to play and a lot of fun. Them Swedes sure know ergonomics. Now I gotta go down to Ikea and get a guitar stand :P The...
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    NUAD - Bad Cat

    Very nice! I've actually only heard the opposite, that they were great amps. Either way if you love it then that's all that matters! HNUAD
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    One word song title transference

    Lightning Crashes
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    One word song title transference

    Let The Good Times Roll - The Cars
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    I've never seen that brand before but it looks like a ripoff of the Acclaim boards. The only downside I can see to the Acclaim system is that you won't be able to jam pedals up close together because the spacer spacing. Have you checked out...
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    Pedalboard Games… Hope Im done for now

    Looks great but let's not kid ourselves. Pedalboards are never "done" :P
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    NGD - People either love or hate these lol

    I NEVER wore spandex. Parachute pants?, Pink button up unbuttoned with a blue tank top?, Capezio dance shoes with no socks? Ruffled shirts with tuxedo tails? "no comment"
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    NGD - People either love or hate these lol

    Me too lol. I'd see the ads in Guitar Player Mag and think "this looks stupid, nobody want's a heavy metal Stratocaster". Ahh to be young again.
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    NGD - People either love or hate these lol

    Yes it splits the bridge pup. I paid $799 and it came with a Rhino case (never heard of nor can I find info on) that's basically a rebranded Gator GCELEC. One of those lightweight rigid foam cases. Definitely not a throw away. I think it was a fair price. People are tryna get $900+ for them...