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My house.


Peace thru Music., from My house.

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    1. brothawils
    2. JABSolstice
      Saw that you pm'd someone on a good YT teacher. Would you mind sharing that info with me as well?

      1. amstratnut
        His name is Garth Webber. SF Bay area monster. Will skype. You can find him on facebook. If you dont facebook, give me your email and Ill give it to him.
        Jan 9, 2016
    3. sevycat
      What's doing in your neck of the woods? I am doing the end of summer vacation thing, but back to work on Tuesday. Boo Hoo!
    4. jaybones
      Love your avatar. Can't figure out how to upload my own, other than resize and hit up load. Every time I think its small enough, I get either a "invalid file" or "file too large" message.

      But these amps go to eleven!
    5. Texaspicker
      Ha ha. That bad huh? I used to work with a guy that went by the nickname "Ooo-wee." He'd been there before I showed up and after a while I asked some of the guys why he was called Ooo-wee. One of the fellas replied, "Because look at him, Ooooo-weeeee he's ugly!" Sad to say but brother, but he was.
    6. amstratnut
      Nope that wasn't me. I feel sorry for anyone who looks like me. Lucky for me when I'm out with my wife I kinda fade into the background.
    7. Texaspicker
      The forum was called "Jam Session Guitar Forum."
    8. Texaspicker
      Your photo reminds me of a photo I used to see on another guitar forum. I can't remember the name of it but it went "underground" because of spammers and I was never able to get back in. I went by the name of copper72 on that forum and it was run by a guy named "Stone Dragon." Does any of this ring a bell? Were you on that forum? Just wondering brother.
    9. stradovarious
      Hey man thanks for your message posted to my profile page (back in August). I just saw it now (my bad!). I need to start looking there more regularly!
    10. Donald77
      No problem, the group is more intended with the idea of drooling pictures where you can stare at during work, instead of everybody's personal gear. Sometimes people dump 30 pics or so and I have to remove them all manually :)
    11. amstratnut
      Sounds good to me.
    12. Stark
      check private messages.

      it's a lousy demo and I am just bashing around on an open a chord, but i think you'll get the idea, and i am going to do a better one when i get this youtube stuff figured out.
      1. Tone Deaf likes this.
    13. Stark
      Wanted to let you know...I am still trying to do a Youtube demo of the Behringer RM600 that doesn't suck out loud.
    14. fenson
      Hey thanks for being a friend !
    15. zag1
      Just stoppin' by, to say hi!
    16. bwd81977
      Hey whats up man? Is your avatar the Greatful Dead?
    17. Savana13Swedan

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    My house.
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    Some strats a tele a dot and a lp copy, oh and a Les Paul


    Whats so funny about peace love and understanding?:)
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