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  • I've had the L5 since 1978. The thing is a complete monster. I got it used for around $250 in Rockford Ill. It still works perfectly, accept for the connecters on the reverb can, that need to be jiggled every now and then. A couple of years ago, while scanning Ebay i came across an original vinyl cover for it. I've also got schematics and the owners manual in .PDF files. Let me know if you're interested and i can email em.
    hi Tony. sorry that I haven't been around very much. right now, I'm in Baton Rouge. my dad recently passed away. so, I'm down here helpping my mother take care of things. I'm heading back to Minnesota this Friday. let me go for now. brent
    Did you have any damage to your home because of the spring storm? Three trees fell in my yard and one of them took out the corner of our house. Got all my clean up done about two weeks after. I work for Tru-Bilt in Marion and they keep me pretty busy but yeah let me know when the bands are playing and I'll see if I can come out.
    Bummer I hate to hear that,,yes lucky you didnt lose your old music,,I had a mishap not to long ago,,I accidentally deleted some of my cubase audio files on my pc,,they were the all the stuff I recorded!!!Luckily I had most of them downloaded on mp3 files so I could remember what I recorded!!!!Best of luck,,I like your stuff sounds great!!! looking forward to hear more!!!!!
    Hey Anfontan, my Delta Blues is also the 1x15 and yes it moves alot of air. i run my DB together with my Fender Blues Deluxe via a Radial aby switch.
    i hate you didn't get to hear "Perfectly Good Guitar" but i can only feel so bad for you and the Mrs. Ya'll got to see Hiatt and Sonny Freaking Lundreth at the Rymann!?! What a great building for music, a priceless experience i'm sure. Thanks for the message, don't be a stranger.
    hi Tony, that Tele turned out nice. good color. a good deal on that Epi is a good deal. it's hard to pass a good price. ;o))
    I've looked at them. They seem like a nice amp. I lean more towards Fenders myself though I have a few other amps. Vox, JSX, B-52, and even a micro cube. I am just lucky that my dad use to play and had a lot of amps that I now have. :) Can't wait to hear how your new toy sounds! ;)
    Hi! Thanks for the add. Don't be a stranger, stop by as often as you like and say hi. :)
    I used to really love the HOME RECORDING FORUM, until I ran afoul the the "all mighty" Chris Greene. I know Strat-Talk has the beginnings of something similar, perhaps it need to be developed a little...
    can't wait to see that new project that you're working on. I've been looking at the Teles, too. I'm trying to figure out what all of the fuss is about. I saw a Squier Affinity Tele a couple of Saturdays ago that played pretty nice. guess what ? it was a wine red color. ha ha it looked pretty sharp, too.
    yes, today is my birthday, thanks! SWEET 16!!!
    i get presents in about an hour, but i hope i get an acoustic.

    ive already gotten like $200, so im lookin into an acoustic-electric or a new amp
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