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    Magnets or ears aging?

    Same amp too? I had the same experience with Texas Specials, I thought a lot more highly of them when i tried them again 15 years later. I'm pretty sure it was my expectations that changed more than anything. I had actually put them back in the same guitar too. The magnets won't become weaker...
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    Ceramic pickups

    The shape of the magnet doesn't matter too much, all that matters is how strong the pole piece magnetization ends up being. MIM ceramic steel poled pickups also have longer steel poles, with ceramic along the sides, like a P-90, instead of a single magnet being flat against the bottom. In either...
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    What are the odds of ruining a rail ceramic pickup by "leveling" the rails?

    They sell that style of pickup on Amazon for $12 a piece, maybe experiment with a cheap one before damaging something with a decent used value.
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    Ceramic pickups

    The ceramic magnet doesn't matter, it's virtually a pure magnetic source. It has no permeability and a high coercivity, it's not affected by the circumstances around it. All of the difference in sound owes to the steel pole pieces instead of AlNiCo pole pieces, both of which are highly affected...
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    Awesome cheap piezo bridges from Brenner

    I have the trem lightly decked, I don't hear the trem springs at all. If I did, I'm sure they could be damped with a cloth or something. When I have the piezo active, I usually play finger style and treat the Strat like an acoustic guitar. Yeah, you have the luxury of doing Hendrix style trem...
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    Pre cbs pickups , alnico 2 ,3 and 5 , are the anico 5 more sparky and crystal clear?

    A2 and A3 pole pieces increase the inductance by 5% to 10%, because they have a higher proportion of iron. That's one plausible A5 to sound more sparkly, for two pickups with the same turn count / DC resistance. Another reason is that A5 pole pieces are quite a bit stronger, they pull on the...
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    Pickups to sound as close as possible to a Silver Sky?

    According to this the DC resistances were around 6.5k, , no inductance values so it's hard to be sure, but the PV 65 set is also around 6.5k.
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    Fender "Fireball" humbucker details, the HH Meteora stock set

    Here's some extra specs I've gathered late for the individual coils: Bridge - DC Resistance: 7.635K ohms (bridge side: 3.925k, neck side: 3.745k) - Measured L: 4.502H (bridge side: 2.077H, neck side: 1.939H) Neck - DC Resistance: 7.258K ohms (bridge side: 3.518k, neck side: 3.732k) -...
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    CS 69 vs Pure Vintage 65 for neck?

    The CS 69, at around 2.1 henries, is brighter than the PV 65 at around 2.6 henries.
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    Hendrix Machine Gun: CS '69?

    When you see "69" you're supposed to think of "Woodstock", it's another way of inferring an artist without having to pay royalties and what not. I think the CS 69's are meant to get the Little Wing sound, a bright scooped sound. Any set of pickups can be bright and scooped with a Twin Reverb...
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    Fender "Fireball" humbucker details, the HH Meteora stock set

    The "sound" of a pickup really comes from where it's physically placed under the strings, and to a lesser extent the magnetic strength, but electric guitars are mostly designed to only ever have the pickups be a certain shape and in a certain place, so all of the changes, from PAF style to...
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    Fender "Fireball" humbucker details, the HH Meteora stock set

    Yeah it's just cost cutting. They could leave out the covered screws, and the pickups would have a more single-coil like sound while still humbucking, but the typical, fat PAF style pickups dominate the humbucker market, so Fender just has to go along with that. I think it's funny that they...
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    Fender "Fireball" humbucker details, the HH Meteora stock set

    Wow I didn't even notice there is a spot for a middle pickup until you mentioned that. Nice of Fender to pre-cut the body to allow for more variety. An SSS Strat style Meteora would be nice. Maybe they plan or planned to release a model like that too.
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    Fender "Fireball" humbucker details, the HH Meteora stock set

    It compares like this: Fireball bridge:__4.5H Fireball neck:____4.0H '59 bridge:_______5.0H '59 neck:_________4.3H So the Fireball set has an overall lower inductance / higher treble content.
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    Fender "Fireball" humbucker details, the HH Meteora stock set

    I really like the new Fender Meteora, I bought the first Parallel Universe version a few years ago, which was all Telecaster hardware. My brother mentioned that it's similar to the Ernie Ball St Vincent, and I can see the resemblance. So I just bought the latest version, an HH with a Strat trem...