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    Cast Your Vote For This Blind Test (Gt-1000 Core or HX Stomp)

    They sound pretty different to me. I happen to prefer the first one. But I would not at all say that is a preference for the particular unit. That said, I'm curious which is which.
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    Basic delay, reverb and overdrive recommendations, please

    Which HoF do you have/like? Assume it is not the mini? Also, do you use just the knobs/settings to get your preferred reverb, or do you use any of the tone prints?
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    TC Plethora Replaces Everything but Drives

    Can anyone explain how/where to hear samples of Tone Prints for any given pedal, BEFORE beaming them to said pedal? I only have the flashback2, and would like to try some tone prints, but would prefer to hear samples first. Thx.
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    TC Plethora Replaces Everything but Drives

    I'm considering the x3...
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    Guitar player wants a bass (short scale topic)

    I know I'm not alone as a guitar player that wants to have some fun with bass and I just recently started exploring short scale basses. I'm interested to try to collect some thoughts and experiences here. What short scale basses are out there, what have you tried, what did you buy and why...
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    NGD American Performer 😁

    Love it!! Enjoy.
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    Totally Fender, but... is it a Partscaster?

    Uh, no. Strings are a "wear item". But I assume you're kidding, so all good.
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    Incoming. Wildwood 10 '57

    They aren't open to visits?? Crazy.
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    Where should I start

    No way, go with delay. ( sorry, I just wanted to rhyme). But seriously, get a delay, put in fx loop and do everything from subtle to big/long/ambient, plus fast noticeable repeats ala Edge. Just so much fun.
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    Your attenuator recommendations, please

    Looks like the attenuation search continues...... ;) @grritz Have you spent time with enough amps that have a Master Volume? Based on your amp attempts/choices in the past number of months, I would really think you should try out a Dr. Z - ideally the Maz 18 Mk II. Clean to grindy to singin'...
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    NGD: Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional SSS

    Those Schecters always grab my eye. Love the fretboard inlays/halos. Their roasted maple neck with ebony fingerboard look sooo good. And, I am a firm believer in the Master Volume / Master Tone controls with a 5 way switch, and no other buttons/switches/rotaries, etc. Enjoy that one.
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    American Original 50s Stratocaster White Blond - 7,4 lbs or 7,8 lbs?

    Only if you play them both, side by side, one after the other, BLIND and have someone else put the guitar in your lap - so, your brain won't trick you into thinking the lighter one plays/sounds better. If you're not play testing them and you already like the sound and feel of the neck etc...
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    Out with the Mesa, in with the......

    Looks SOOO good! Matching coil cable for guitar too. Enjoy that thing.
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    Demonfx DuelGun…. Duellist Clone

    Do you really run/play this will Gain and Volume all the UP?? Must be very loud. I can't really get past 11 o'clock on the volume knob to keep unity or a little volume boost.
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    Demonfx DuelGun…. Duellist Clone

    ... or the DemonFX version...