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  • hi Steve,
    I'm down here in Baton Rouge at the moment. my dad passed away 8-6-09. so, I'm down here helping out. hope to be back soon, though. brent
    ok. yeah, they're out of town for the night. and I was about to starve to death when I sent that message and I didn't feel like cooking. ha ha

    yep, I read the thread where you had changed some things up. I'll keep you in mind if I ever need some electronics work taken care of. ha ha
    I behaved myself this weekend. I didn't go to any guitar stores. I went to La Vonne's last Saturday. he had a nice little Squier Affinity Tele for $99.00. it's still there, too. ha ha
    Steve, thanks!! I'll try to pick them up shortly. I did have fun last night working through stuff from the Crary book; I haven't picked my acoustic in a while, but it's such a sweet guitar....
    Hey Steve, what are you using to learn flatpicking songs? I've got a Dan Crary book called The Flatpicker's Guide, but the songs aren't all that inspiring. My two Celtic books are pretty much fingerstyle only. I'd like to find a Celtic, flatpicking, resource - book, tab site, etc.

    Got any recommendations?
    hey Steve, the Best Buy thread came up. would you like to respond since you were there yesterday ? ha ha
    The bad Monkey is a great OD pedal, I got mine used on E-bay for $25. Works great with the CV Strat and will give you a nice crunch. Keep your eyes out for a used one on E-bay and save a few bucks.
    Hey buddy, I was wondering, how does the bad monkey sound with the 50's squier? Mine is coming in at the end of the month and I was going to get a bad monkey next, I couldn't afford the tube screamer lol
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