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  • Hi there, it's me "Tookie the Bird" I broke that Musicrap neck along time ago. All these years later I still do not regret it. Hah ha, have a nice day.
    Dear ashcastermetal, are you still selling your Valley arts guitar (Serial No. VA01410)? I want to buy her. Could you please send me a message of the price.

    My email: 120 995 [email protected]

    Thanks & Best Regards.
    Hello ! I want the flame maple neck.... TAKE MY MONEY !!!

    Im not a luthier but... I have modded several guitars... Is it simple to drill out those holes?
    Saw a post you made in thread about different bodies on ebay. You had mentioned you had at least a couple of scalloped necks. Just wondering if you had much adjusting to do to this type of neck. I've been thinking about one since I heard about them. I don't actually do much bending at this point in my playing, but different always interests me.

    Thanks in advance. My real name is Jerry, btw.

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