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Minnesota USA


I appreciate, therefore I am..., Male, from Minnesota USA

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I appreciate, therefore I am... Aug 29, 2018

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      I appreciate, therefore I am...
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    Minnesota USA
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    2021 Fender American Vintage 60s Neck / 2012 Fender Custom Shop '69 Relic Body USA Partscaster: My classic 3-tone sunburst, celluloid tortoise shell pickguard 1965 Strat Clone. Tex Mex Pickups.

    2020 Fender Vintera 60s Neck / New Fender Classic Series 60s Body "MIM Partscaster": My Black 1961 Strat Clone. Fender '62 Mint Green pickguard. Fender Original '57/'62 pickups.

    2020 Gibson SG Standard: Stock

    2020 Fender Duo Sonic HS: Crimson Red Transparent Body with a pau ferro fretboard. Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates bridge pickup & Fender Custom Shop '69 Abigail Ybarra signed Strat pickup in the neck position.

    2018 Fender Road Worn ‘50s Stratocaster: My main "vintage 50s" SSS customized '56 Strat Clone with 2014 Pure Vintage 60th Anniversary "Limited Edition" (only 1,954 sets made) ‘54 Stratocaster AlNiCo 3 pickups and an Ilitch BPNCS to help eliminate noise.

    2016 "Inspired by 1966" Epiphone Century: My token hollow body electric guitar (which sounds better than the original 1965 Epiphone Century I used to own).

    2015 Fender Standard Jazz bass: My main (and only) bass guitar.

    2007 Guild D40 Bluegrass Jubilee acoustic: My main (awesome) acoustic guitar.

    2003 Fender AVRI '52 Telecaster w/ 2011 '52 Hot Rod neck: My main Telecaster.

    1999 Fender DG22CE acoustic/electric: My main Acoustic/Electric guitar.

    1999 Jay Turser "Mini Paul": Les Paul copy travel-size electric guitar.

    1996 Fender Standard Telecaster: This one has Noiseless pickups installed (Fender SCN bridge and Bill Lawrence L-202TN neck).

    1991 Gibson Les Paul Studio: My all-out rockin' 498T bridge pickup'd Gibson guitar (with a Gibson P-94 neck pickup).

    1981 Carvin DC200: My only "Stereo output" guitar.

    Fender '57 Custom Deluxe 5E3
    Mesa Boogie TA-30 TransAtlantic
    Mesa Boogie TA-15 TransAtlantic
    Carvin X60A
    Epiphone Valve Jr
    Fender "ChampTone 764" (custom modded Champion 600 reissue w/12" Speaker)
    Vox Pathfinder15
    Fender Mustang Mini

    1965 Plymouth Barracuda

    I have been playing guitar since 1980 and studying Music Theory just as long... highly recommended!

    Writing and Recording Music are my main passions these days.



    ...the "bII6-V7-I" progression saved my miserable, useless life...
    If everybody's a [email protected] then aren't you a [email protected] too?