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  • Don't know why, but I am hanging out at the Sig Talk forum. Actually I know why, cause I am more into firearms these days till it gets to cold here.
    Well, well, well... Have not seen you around as much these days. Then again I have been at other forums myself. Been busy at work and getting back into target shooting.
    hey brother, wanted to let you know the foots witch was on my doorstep when i got up this morning. my vibrato issue is resolved- thanks to you! greatly appreciated!
    TheToneShack have YouTube video that isn't too bad. As for GAS its ST not me. The Super Duper is two ZVEX Hard On pedals in one. The only effects I have that made me take a breath are the Arc Effects Klone and the Super Duper. The KOT is great but it adds its own flavor. The Bloom is good, but then again I can't say I know what a Dumble ODS should sound like but the Bloom to adds its own color.
    I blame you for my GAS and all the dirt pedals in your collection ;)
    My JHS comp died so I replaced it with a ZVEX Super Duper and bought an Xotic SP comp. The Super Duper really did the wow lets try that again. It doesn't take away or add anything to your clean tone just boosts or dirties it up and there is lots of dirt to be had. Its the first OD I have heard that I don't hear lows being cut.
    Sorry I missed your strat sale. I have a '63 that was originally that color. I've actually been thinking about selling it and replacing it with something like you had. I'm wondering though, why did they call those "hot rod" strats when they just look like a 59? Thx.
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